Chapter 9: The Boys

On the last day of school, each of the six girls was asked to go to the movies by the zodiac guys they liked. They were each given a ring by their new boyfriends. The rings had their boyfriends' constellation on them. At lunch the girls discovered that the boys had bounced the idea off each other and all thought it was good.

After school Pisces and Virgo were walking home from school together. Pisces was admiring the ring on her finger. Virgo asked, "Do you like it?"
Pisces answered, "Of course I like it. It is perfect."
Then Pisces kissed Virgo on the cheek. She walked up her driveway, stopped just outside her front door, blew him another kiss, and walked inside. Her aunts were waiting for her to baby-sit her cousin. She thought, "I'm happy I came here."