A little insecure,
A little unconfident,
So unsure of what I've got,
I don't know where to go,
Or if I'm the one who's lost.
Running down those lighted side streets,
The darkened alleyways,
Slamming into walls,
Dazed, confused.
Torn between your past and my future,
Hanging in a non existent present.
The tick tock of the clock counting down the hours,
Till the dawn is gone,
and your darkness creeps over me.
Watch the pendulum swing,
Every time I get back on my feet,
My defeat grabs me and slams me to my doom.
I follow the signs and directions,
They don't make sense.
Who is the one giving the directions?
And who is following them?
Am I lost
Or are you?
Walking by the same dim lamp post time and again,
The same fountain spilling water like children's tears,
The same dead end roads.
Why am I trusting you to lead me,
When you are the one who needs guidance?
I have so little confidence,
Your words just don't make sense,
I've let you guide me this far,
But I must leave you,
For its time I lead