Cat: Yo oh everyone! This shall be my humor story of Lucifer living with a mortal woman. Ooooh scary..

Mizuki: Sure. The poor guy is getting ruled over you!

Cat: What are you talking about? Me? Just because the character has my name does not mean this person is me...

Mizuki: Explain these comics of you and Lucifer.

Cat: ...Oh that's yours. I mean, you're my demon form see, this person has a tail and cat ears like you.

Mizuki: Like you said, I'm YOUR demon form.

Cat: You took me over and drew that, come on. [whispers] work with me here woman!

Mizuki: I'd like to warn everyone on this fiction that it contains bad language, some religion bashing and sexual content..because someone here has a thing for Lucifer.

Cat: ..I do not! It's spur of the moment, come on, nothing special.

Lucifer: My butt.

Cat: ^_^; Oh hi Lucifer! Never saw you coming.

Lucifer: How could you not know I was here? I'm on friggin' leash! I'm like your dog!

Cat: [pulls on leash] Bad Lucifer bad!

Mizuki: I'm embarrassed for my human self.

Cat: Oh get off my back Mizuki! You just wish you had the amazing author powers that I have to make this fiction a reality!

Mizuki: -zaps me- Like that? Mwuahaha!

Cat: MIZUKI! Sick her Lucifer!

Lucifer: I am not your guard dog!

Cat: I have candy..

Lucifer: -imitates a dog- Bark Bark! -chases Mizuki-

Cat: Mwuahaha... Now to the humorous fiction!

Mizuki: Like hell! Get down Lucifer!

Lucifer: I'm getting candy for this so no! Bark Bark!

Cat: O_O; Wow, he loves his role. Bwuaha.