Dying… is an odd feeling. Especially when you have two people living within you. Mizuki and mine soul's tore apart for the first time in years. We became two different people.

"Christ Almighty." Mizuki swore. "I hadn't planned on dying again until I had located another sufficient body!" I rolled my eyes.

"Thanks." I replied sarcastically. Mizuki seemed the only one truly aware that we had actually died. I was still in the stages of reality-finally-sinking-in. There was nothing to see really, only whiteness. I thought about Sasuke, Kratos, Derek, Daimen, …. Lucifer. I had just left them behind and I wasn't sad at all. "Hey, if we're dead, aren't we supposed to head to like… Heaven or something?" It was just a guess, but I don't think we had actually moved from our spot in the whiteness. Mizuki didn't reply. "Hey you! Listen to me when—" She was gone. I was alone in the whiteness. I don't like being alone in this whiteness.

"Hey!" I called out. My voice just echoed. Man, that's not cool. Where'd the hell had she gone to?

"Don't you hate it when you die off schedule?"

"Eh?" I spun around, somehow, to face yet another angel. Only, unlike most of the angels I had met, he had a kinder face. Soft features, blonde hair, blue eyes, a white robe. The angel cocked his head to one side, as if studying me like a naïve child. "Um, who are you?"

"Azrael." He replied with a grin.

"Wait, the Angel of Death?" He nodded. Now I'm severely confused. "I thought that… creature Lucifer was fighting is the Angel of Death?"

"No. That's just a creature that is used as a… what do you people call it? "Leverage" in deals and such. But he has managed to kill quite a few people in his time. Poor thing, I think it's time to give him his soul back, now that I've located it."

"What?" I looked around. Did he mean me? I don't… think he did. Azrael smiled again and placed a jar in my hand. "Give this back to him and say hello for me."

"But I'm dead!" I exclaimed clutching a mist filled jar. "And where'd Mizuki go? I can't live without her! Literally!"

"Oh, that's been fixed now. Mizuki's going back to her rightful body, or shall I say his. And you are free to live your own life." I blinked. I couldn't believe anything of this. Slowly I pieced it together in my head. Mizuki is that creature's soul, I have been given back the right to live on my own, it seemed. And I was going back to Lucifer, to my son! I looked at Azrael and swept his graceful body up in a large hug. Tears spilled from my eyes.

"Thank you." I whispered. Azrael, ever smiling, gently detached me from him and waved goodbye. I waved back. Then had the feeling of falling backwards. I closed my eyes and felt myself fall back into my body. Unfortunately, my body was still in pain and broken. So, when I woke up I gasped in pain and rolled onto my side and retched blood. It got Lucifer's attention for sure.

"Cat!" was his happy exclamation as he gently scooped me in his arms and held me lovingly. Daimen cooed happily.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! OWWW!"

"Sorry. How? How'd you--? Cat what happened to you? I, I—need to heal you!" Lucifer's great power fell from him. His wings disappeared and he had changed back into the Lucifer I knew and loved. A bumbling moron, but with good intentions. "What's this?" he gently picked up the jar from my hands.

"D-don't break it." I managed to say around my body's pain. "It's… gonna save us."

"How?" Lucifer inquired. I grimaced in pain.

"Heal me… first… and I'll explain."

"R-right!" Lucifer couldn't exactly heal me, but he managed to use his powers to keep me numb from pain while he fumbled around with both Daimen and me in his arms trying to find a good, remaining doctor in the area. Must remember to ask him why there's gore everywhere in this city.

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