Maybe one day we'll get along,
Yet I know that that isn't true,
So maybe one day I shant cry,
And that day, the tears shall come from you.
That day you shall hold the pain,
I have kept inside,
To shut away the happiness,
By new rules you shall abide.
My tears that once stained the floor,
Now you're the one who weeps,
And I shall leave you all alone,
For your friendship I don't will to keep.
All that spills from your mouth,
Evil that weaves and spreads,
Why do you wish to conflict such pain?
Such words have brought on death.
Open your eyes to what you do,
Can you really not see?
How I wish to watch you go,
Please just go ahead and leave.
Goodbye to a friend,
That never really was,
Hello to a new life,
Not inflicted by your cause.

By Siobhan
Date: 7/July/2004