Like steel the winter cold does bite
The grief and hurt it sends.
Life's battle still wages on
And know this; it never ends.
But in between the strikes and blows
There'll always be tranquility.
A peaceful time when one can rest
To see this earth as it can be.
So what will we do when it starts again
Like we knew it would.
Who will turn and run away?
Who will fight like we all should?
As menacing shadows creep upon us
The evil that men's hearts hath made.
Forcing a hero in our midst
To rise up and unsheath his blade.
The journey that one will embark
Musnt be unsung.
In ourselves those honest deeds
Can live and echo on.
And the little people hiding
Shall hide as they grow older.
Watching and envying
The bold as they grow bolder.
But centuries will go and pass
And in another age
Many minds shall have forgotton
Save a lonely wand'ring sage.
So here am I, a teller of tales
A weaver of stories strung.
I hear your cries and vow to you
Ye shall now go unsung.