In the month of Una on the second year of Rah war broke out in the nations of Atlantis. At first the war was between the smaller nations, but soon all became involved. The first year of the wars was the most brutal. Millions died in the name of their nations, but nothing was solved. The war mellowed out during the next few years. Yet it came no where near ending.
Two empires were rising forth from the wars and taking their places as the main powers in Atlantis. Both nations were on the continent of Draco. They were known as Dragon-Snow and the Black Dragon.
The only powers that could challenge these nations were the warlords. Who were the only groups that were gaining anything from the wars. They ravaged the land, killing all who they wanted. And taking all they wanted. Even Dragon-Snow and the Black Dragon were unable to stop the attacks on their kingdoms by the smaller but strong groups of warriors.
During these times the nations of Gargoyles, the free dragons and the Imp and Demon's were all but forgotten. No one noticed that they were gathering together. They were buying weapons and supplies as well.
Three warlords began to assimilate most of the other smaller groups. They gave themselves names, and were recognized as kingdoms by most of Atlantis. The most powerful of them were the Darkness and the Shadow.
The warlords were often hired with their armies to aid the wars. They were usually used to block trade routes and attack smaller nations.
Doom and pain began to fill the hearts of all the people in Atlantis. It was then that the prophecy of Malieus spread through the land. The prophecy stated that there would be twins, both would be demon-nymphs, and they would bring an end to war. The magician Draven was the first to make use of the prophecy, he sought out the Princess of Dragon-Snow, who was said to look like a demon-nymph mixture, though the king and queen were both elven. Then they set about searching for someone who could play the part of her twin.