Falling into the Painful Alone


Don't yield to all the pain,

Not the whispers.

I see shadows playing on the floor,

I look up,

It's you,

Looking down at my defeated form.

Save me...

Don't turn away from me...

Don't go please.

I need you now,

I'm begging...

On my knees,



And I watch

As you go,

As you leave,

As you left me before,

But not like this not when...

No, no,

Can't remember...

Don't think,

Don't speak.

I cannot be swallowed into the pain...

All because you left me,

And the murmurs and whispers wouldn't stop.

That's why I watch you walk away,

Because the the voices yell at me,

And I yell back.

You think I don't know why you're parting from me,

But I do.

I painfully do.

So the tourniquet breaks,

And the pain and blood,

Pushes against me again.

I close my eyes...

But I still feel the pain

It's still there,

Never gone,


The crimson pain.


I begin to fade...

I look in the mirror,

Blood is flowing from my eyes like excruciating tears.

Silence is there once again,

My screaming stops.

It's too late,

It's all gone,


The whispers,

That were there forever,

In ugly eternity,

Were stopped...


By me...

And my knife.

The wind passes by,

Washing away my soul,

Passing over my grave,

Over my cold corpse,

Bleeding on the floor.