Prologue- chaos begins
Wearing the most expensive tuxedo his money could buy, which would be from a costume shop not too far from his house, and carrying his newly sharpened katana in sheath, the 16-year-old High School student Sean made his way through the front doors of the school only to meet laughter and odd stares. Unappreciative, he merely growled and stomped off into the main office, where they would hold his blade until the end of the day; after all, he couldn't take it to Math class with him. Heading down A Hallway and into the Library, which replaced part of the older gymnasium, he found himself being stared at even more and again, he did not appreciate this. Shrugging it off, he made his way across the room to a three-some of computers. At the computer farthest to his left sat Mike Salfi, often made fun of due to his rather large stature, the middle computer was taken up by Brendan Carson, a friend of Sean's and member of The Crazy 88's, and at the right most computer sat the love of his life, Auna Garrison, a.k.a. Lady Ariyana. With a quick double poke into her sides, she leapt out of her seat in shock, not as if he didn't do this everyday, but she was rather busy typing away in her diary to notice him sneak up on her.
"That wasn't nice Sean!" She cried out in a feigned unhappiness, smiling at him beneath her golden brown bangs and walking away to a nearby table.
"I couldn't resist, you were spacing out again." He replied, chuckling to himself and at his work. Shaking her head, Auna sat down atop the table she stood by and turned to Sean again while pulling a note out of her pocket and shoving it into his hand, "For your eyes only." She told him in a secretive glare, not being able to hold back a laugh as he did a double take around the room and etched the note into his brain as he read.
"Dear Sean,
I have some very important news I wanted to tell you...but I was afraid to say it in person, and I've always liked writing letters to you, they are a lot easier to talk in. But anyway...I have decided that I'm giving up my religion and I will return to my status as High Priestess, but I still refuse to marry any of those guys. I hope you understand...
Lady Ariyana"

Sean finished reading the note and blinked in surprise, he never expected Auna to give up something like that so fast, but then he realized that was not the end of the note.
"P.S. I...also broke up with my boyfriend." And now Sean was in even more shock, this was completely unexpected and brought to him so abruptly. As he lifted his head to say something to Auna, he realized she was gone, along with everyone else in the library and a voice that seemed to ring around the library spoke, "That was the two-minute bell." Shouting and falling off the table, he ran out of the library as fast as he could, but little did he realize he had left the note back in the library and the hovering shadow of Bryan Olexa hovered over it with a devilish grin.