Chapter one- the crazy who?
"Leave me alone, please! Take my skateboard" Came the cries from a young skater in the city of Cape May, as he took off running down the mall from a man dressed in a tuxedo with bloodstains across his chest.
"I said...YOU WILL DIE!" As the tuxedo man screamed these words thunder roared throughout the Cape May Island and the young boy was charred to ash from a deranged lightning bolt, which seemed to come from nowhere. As the man watched the ashes blow away, he chuckled to himself and turned around to find himself not even five inches from another tuxedo man.
"Rick James. Bitch." The second man quickly punched the first in the face and sent him flying onto and across a small bench, obviously angered by his actions. Sighing, he cracked his neck and walked away. The first man slowly stood up, shaking his head and brushing dirt off his tuxedo before sheathing his katana and chasing after the second.
"Come on Sean, it was just a skater!" He complained instantly, causing Sean to stop abruptly.
"I told you...DON'T KILL ANYMORE PEOPLE DYLAN! So what do you do? KILL MORE! ENOUGH ALREADY, JESUS CHRIST!" Sean screamed at him, stomping off, he was correct however, Dylan had killed nearly three hundred residents of New Jersey, and Sean was getting rather sick of having to explain all the killings as accidents, or freak actions of nature, such as the lightning bolt. Cape May had become a ghost town, even during the summer, not many families even lived here anymore and that was not all because of Dylan's fault, but more so of the entire Crazy 88's. They instilled fear in the people of Cape May as soon as they gained a little bit of power by killing off or injuring every police officer that patrolled the city and the mayor as well. Sean was the leader, and Dylan was as well, but due to his reckless actions and temper, Sean made him the co-leader, he couldn't trust him that well anymore, not since he gained his elemental powers. However, all the members of The Crazy 88's, like Sean and Dylan now lived in Cape May, whether by forcing people from their homes, or other actions, they all lived here. Most resided along the areas where the bridges connecting Cape May to the rest of New Jersey was located, as sort of a border patrol, to keep out people or keep in people, whatever they wanted really.
"Sean, where are you headed?" Dylan inquired, as Sean begun walking towards the 7-11 near his house.
"7-11, I need updates from Ryan." He answered quickly and continued walking; Dylan not five paces behind him. The city was an uneasy quiet, but it was always like this, and though they detested it, it would be alright until nightfall, when the 88's would party, the reason that almost led them to a downfall about eight months ago, but that was a different story. Sean opened the doors of the 7-11, and as he heard the explosion of a shotgun, he grabbed Dylan's shirt and took a dive into the magazine section of the corner store.
"Sean?! Dylan!? I'm so sorry! I did not realize it was you." Ryan apologized over and over again as the duo arose, obviously startled by this. "I thought you two might have been one of those Wiccan people from across the bridge, they came in here last week and drove me insane! One guy tried to pay with pennies!" Dylan chuckled at this, but Sean merely shook his head in discontent, and walked past and around the counter, heading into the backroom of the 7-11 where they would discuss recent conflicts and news.
"What have we have heard from our positions across from the school?" Sean asked.
"Well...they finished off the rest of the faculty, but the government does not know this yet, and they have members everywhere around Cold Spring and North Cape May, putting enchantments and spells on houses so that the families cannot leave, so that they have an edge on the government and won't risk being bombed. However, we have heard that...their tree...that bush thing, whatever it was, it grew back, in fact, the entire area that was mowed down has grown back since that Daystar chick returned." Sean's head drooped and he looked away from his two partners, but Ryan continued. "All the rookie members have been fully trained as of now, and everyone awaits your command to launch an attack, we just need a strategy. But I also have heard of reinforcements for the Wiccans coming from all over the U.S., which is defiantly not a good thing." Ryan ended his informant bit with a nod and headed off to retrieve a drink for Sean and Dylan.
No matter how many times Sean would go over it in his head, he could not do it, he couldn't possibly do it, there was no way he would kill her, he just couldn't. "F-fury..." Dylan murmured, falling off his chair and backing up towards the door, "C-c-come on man, calm down...calm down! Oh shit!" Dylan took off out the door, shoving Ryan out of his way and leapt clear over the register and slid down the soda isle, just in time to look overhead and watched a wave of flames erupt outwards from the room Sean was in. Sean slowly exited the room, and headed towards the exit, grabbing a pack of gum off the counter as he walked by, but stopped before he reached the door, "We make our attack on Saturday. Make sure our 88's are ready."