Chapter 18; The Last Stand

At first, Devon didn't understand what had hit his shoulder. A second later the pain told him.

"Someone's shooting at us!" Evan cried as him and Michelle ducked.

"No kidding" Devon replied, grabbing his shoulder as blood seeped through his fingers.

"Oh my god! Devon you're hurt!" Jess came over to help try and stop the bleeding.

A cruel laugh came from the bushes behind the car.

"I'm surprised you made it out alive Jess" came a voice, then the two of them stepped into view.

"The same can be said for you Dr Wylson" Jess replied coldly glaring at him and the gun he had. His assistant carried a torch and another revolver.

"Oh look at all that blood. Looks like you almost carked it in there"

"Too bad for you I didn't"

Then in a flash of movement, Dr Wylson grabbed Robyn by the hair and pulled her between them.

"Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Evan moved to stop him but he shot Evan in the left leg.


"Why, taking the Third child of course. If we can't have you, we'll have her instead"

"Oh that's it" Jess stormed up to him, only stopping when he pulled the revolver on her. But before he did Devon noticed she'd been able to get herself between Dr Wylson and the others.

"Ah ah ah, not too close" He turned it on Robyn, who he was still holding by the hair.

"You wouldn't dare"

"Watch me" He then ran back through the bushes, dragging her with him.

"No!" Jess ran forward, but was stopped by his assistant, who stood there pointing a gun at her chest for a few more seconds before she too disappeared into the underbrush.

"Michelle! Devon! With me! Evan, you stay where it's safe"


"Don't argue, just do it" She ran off, with Michelle and Devon following close behind. They caught sight of the bushes moving ahead of them.


"I see it!" They ran, but Devon was loosing his speed.

"Jess! I can't..."

"Fine, stay here until we get back" She said without looking back at him. Michelle followed close behind.

Devon sat down hard, knowing he needed to get something around his shoulder before he bled to death.

He got up and half-walked, half ran back to the car, where Evan had propped himself up against the car tire, breathing deeply.

"Hang on kid" He opened the boot, grabbing his bag and getting out two of his shirts. He wrapped one around his own shoulder as tightly as possible, then the other around the wound on Evans leg.

"Where are the others?"

"They've gone after Dr Wylson"

"Is Jess going to be all right?"

"I don't know" He grunted as he opened the back door and put Evan in gently.

There was a gunshot, and a squealing of tires a few seconds later, along with Jess's frustrated scream.

"Get ready to hold onto something, I've got a feeling we're going to have to move fast"

"I know. I just saw a few seconds"

"Do you know what's going to happen?"

"Not the outcome, only the chase"

"That's it! Get in the car and let's go!" The girls returned, looking exhausted, and Jess got into the drivers seat.

"You can't drive in your condition"

"Watch me" Devon slipped into the passenger seat as Jess started the car.

"Now hang on to something" The wheels gave a groan of protest as she stepped on the gas pedal, crunching on the dirt and gravel as they sped off the path and onto the highway.

"Which way?"

"Left" Jess raced onto the highway, ignoring the speed limit.

"How do you know?"

"I can sense Robyn and I know where she is"

"I'm glad I put my seatbelt on" Evan said, and Devon saw him cringe a little though the shades little mirror. He was having the same reaction. His shoulder ached every time it hit and rubbed against the seatbelt.

"What kind of car are we looking for? It might be good if we had all eyes looking"

"A stupid little red sports car. Pergeot 360, I think"

"No Jess, a 320 model" Michelle corrected her, crying out as the car swerved and barely missed hitting a large mobile home.

"Whatever! It was a stupid little car that'll be demolished by the time I'm done with it. And no, Robyn won't be in it when I trash that thing" Devon shut his mouth, realising she was using every last bit of power she had, trying to keep track of Robyn and drive.

She dodged every car like a pro racer and pressed hard on the accelerator, almost breaking a hundred and fifty ks per hour.

"I see it! I see it! Uh oh..." Michelle broke off.

"What's uh oh?"

"Look out!" At the same time the red sports car came at them, causing traffic to swerve.

"No!" Jess spun the wheel right frantically, as the other car scraped their left side, knocking off the broken side mirror.

Devon caught a glimpse of Robyn in the back, holding on for dear life as they passed. The car swerved wildly as Jess struggled to get control.

"That's it" She hit the brakes hard, making the tyres squeal in protest. But as she did, she spun the wheel, and the car spun with it.

They all hit their heads on the headrests as the car finally came to a halt, facing the other direction.

"Sorry" Jess muttered before she hit the gas again, and they shot forward into oncoming traffic.

"Now whatever you all do, keep your eyes glued to that car, I don't want to loose it for a second"

"Right" Devon's shoulder ached from the sudden stop, but he was determined not to let that car out of his sight. And fortunately for them, there weren't many little cars like that on the road, especially going the opposite direction on the wrong side of the road.

"I think he's playing with us" Evan spoke up.

"What do you mean?"

"Why do you think he turned around? I mean, he was ahead of us. He could've kept going and lost us"

"But why would he take Robyn, then play cat and mouse?"

"He's teasing us, don't you get it? He knows we can't do anything with Robyn in that car"

"That gives me an idea. Thanks Evan, you've been a big help"

"What do you mean? What do you plan to do?"

"Get close enough, then as you say Michelle, catch the mouse"

"You're powers! You're gonna..."


"Good plan Jess"

And when Dr Wylson turned onto an old dirt road, Jess found the perfect opportunity.

"Michelle? Evan? Be ready to bail out when I say so. I'm gonna need you to take care of Robyn. I also need this car to be as light as possible"

"All right"

"I'll try"

"Hey, I think its best you did get out Evan, I don't think you can take much more bumpy road"

"If you say so Jess"

And as they got closer to the little red car, Jess lifted her right hand, summoning all the strength she had, pulling back on the bumper and slowing it down so much that for a few seconds, the cars connected.

"Okay now!" Jess yelled as they saw Robyn smash the back window and throw herself out, hitting the dirt hard.

The two bolted, Evan a little slower, and slammed the doors.

"You ready for this" Jess asked Devon.

"If it's with you, I'm ready for anything"

She smiled.

"Thanks Dev"

She finally let go of the little car when the others were safely out of the way, and it jerked forward, the back tires squealing as it hit the dirt again.

"Ahh, road rage. Gotta love it" Jess sighed, smirking as she slowly sped up, following the other car.

{Who's the guinea pig now you crazy old fart?} Devon thought, adjusting himself in the chair, wanting to see what Jess would do next.

"Hang on" Jess suddenly sped up, slamming hard into the back of the red car.

She then slowed down, letting the car go ahead of them again, seeing they caused an awful dent in the back of the car.

Jess laughed as she sped up again, hitting it harder than last time.

"Payback's a bitch, ain't it?"

"Definitely a bitch in his case"

Finally the car squealed to a stop, and so did they.

{At last, it will all end here...}


Chapter 19; Finally Free

Jess felt an unnatural power surging in her now. A strange, sickening feeling that was frightening as well as pleasurable. She was going to kill the killer. Her father. The sick, twisted man he was.

They raised their weapons at her when she got out, but she crushed them before they had a chance to fire.

"No more. I've had it. No more of you, OR your stupid experiments"

"Maybe you could call the police on us, let us go to jail" The woman begged.

"And let you live to try again? No, it has to end here and now. No more you, no more fear...and no more of this" Jess ran a finger down her ugly scar, feeling the rage burn inside her.

"But...but I don't want to do this anymore. Honest"

Dr Wylson remained silent beside his chatty assistant.

"Well you should've thought of that before you joined his crew. He killed my mother, and nearly killed me, his own flesh and blood. This scum doesn't deserve to live" She went over to stand right in front of him, staring hard into his eyes.

"You're just like your mother. An opinionated, little...BITCH!!" He grabbed her around the throat, attempting to strangle her.

"You should know by now that doesn't work" She said calmly, pulling his hands away and throwing him off her.

"Let all this end now" She in turn, choked the man without even touching him.

"No" he clawed at his throat, but there was nothing he could do, and he died minutes later.

"Jess! The woman. What should we do with her?"

"Call the cops. Tell them there's a woman out here rambling about her sins and a science lab. We'll let her tell them the rest" She looked down at the woman, who was now shaking and staring at Dr Wylson's unmoving form.

"You will do what I tell you, won't you?"

"Yes, anything. Just...please don't kill me!"

"I won't. You will tell the cops everything that went on in there, where to find my mothers body, because I know you know where it is, and..." Jess hesitated.

"Yes, what else?"

"And would you wash that hair of yours? It's disgusting"


Evan watched as Jess and Devon came back, leaning on each other. The woman doctor was with them.

"What do you think happened?" Michelle asked as she helped Evan keep upright.

"I don't know, but I don't see Dr Wylson" Robyn replied. She had gotten cut from the glass breaking, but other than that she was still in one piece.

"Do you think Jess killed him" Evan asked.

"Yes, if it meant we could finally live in peace" She replied, breathing in deeply.

"So it's all over? All the terror?" Michelle asked, hope in her eyes.

"I think so"

"Hey guys. Glad to see you're all right" Devon said as the three came up to them.

"What's SHE doing here?" Robyn asked a little uneasily.

"Well, I gave her two options; die or go to jail. She decided she'd rather go to jail"

Jess smiled, even though Evan could tell she was beyond exhausted.

"Good choices"

"I swear, I'll tell them everything; about the tests, Dr Mazel, Dr Wylson..."

"But not who we are?"

"No, no. I'll make sure they think you died in there"

"Good, now can we please get to hospital before I bleed to death?" Devon asked.

"Yeah, we'll just tell them someone shot at us and we had to escape out a window"

"But not before they threw ME out of it" Robyn added, indicating to the scratches that would heal in time.

"Yeah. And by the way, we did it. It's all over guys, we're finally free..."


Epilogue- To Live {8 years forward...}

Jess watched the waves crash against the rock face a few miles off. She decided it was beautiful. The best place for Evan to have his wedding. The reception would be at a beach club just a few minutes walk away, but Jess seemed to be more comfortable here for the time being.

"She's late" Evan muttered beside her, and she couldn't help but laugh.

"Don't you know? Brides are always late for their weddings. It's tradition"

"Oh great" He smiled at her, and she could tell he was feeling good anyway.

All five had kept in touch since that awful day, the day when they were finally freed from their past. Evan had also found a way to keep in touch with his biological father, who was now standing a few feet off, talking to the few other guests that were there.

"Oh don't worry, I'm sure Kirsten will be here soon. Just give her time. She wants this day to be just as perfect as you do" Jess fussed with Evan's collar, since it he'd somehow gotten it folded under his jacket.

"I'm glad you're here Jess"

"So am I"

Robyn and Michelle were both there as well, both as bridesmaids. Neither of them looking happy at the arrangement.

Thankfully, the bride arrived a few minutes later, and the entire wedding was a success. Jess thought she saw Devon almost cry once.

"It was the sun in my eye" He had insisted.

A little while after the reception was over though, Jess strolled back out onto the beach, taking her shoes off as she did. The sand felt good beneath her toes, and she once again felt good to be outside.

But when she was about to leave the flower girl came running up to Jess. She had silky jet black hair and bright green eyes.

"Hey sweetie, what's wrong?" She asked the five year old as she clung to her dress.

"Want to stay with you"

"What about daddy?"

"No, he looks funny"

"But don't I look funny too?"

"No" Jess laughed and picked the girl up, who wrapped her arms around Jess's neck.

"What's up with her? She ran away from me and..." Devon stopped, looking confused. He'd run out of the reception area after her.

"She wants to stay with her mummy, and she thinks daddy looks funny"

He smiled, going over and hugging Jess and their daughter. Together, the three watched the waves out on the sea...