I love you
I hate you
But I don't know what to do
You've mixed up my emotions
And now I think I still want you

No one knows who I really am
No one knows what I really want
No one knows the pain I feel
Even I think it's so unreal

No one listens to the things I say
I just want to run away
No one knows what's troubling me
It's as though I just can't walk free

I want life to go back to how it was
Just me, you and our undying love
You said before, we would be together
All the time, forever and ever

But that was all a lie
That everlasting love had to die
You knew it would never work out
But you kept my hopes up, then shut me out

You don't realize the pain you've caused me
Because you're hidden behind selfishness and you just can't see
You meant the world to me
But then you just had to go and use me.