I slide the knife into my skin and let the blood seep out slowly,
I feel the rush of the cold steel on my wrist, blood falling to the floor
Whats happening, Why do I let it go everytime
I hold my arm as the pain slowly fades, I wish i didnt do this
I wish I had the only thing that made me happy, ever
I wish I had someones love to hold me through this again
Why do I let it happen each time, why do I let you go
I need this, My addictions, my oppressions, My tortured self
I need to get off my high horse, my acid trip, my pain wont go away
I have to live with it, It's just another copy of my song of sorrow
I have to stop complaining, I have to live on, I have to give up
I put the bullets in the gun, aim for my heart, its just another hole

My brain swirls as I aim, my heart beats athousand times faster
Whats going through my mind as my nightmare hits me again
The crash the roll my freind dying in the hospital bed
I wasnt there for him, and never will be, I keep blaming myself
I should of been there I should of helped, I should of told him to slow down
I should of been driving, Its all my fault, Why didnt i sneak out with him
Why didnt I take the wheel, Why dont I JUST DIE HERE AND NOW
I give up I hate this life of mine, I hate always thinking about it
I give in everytime to my own nightmares I will never defeat them
Im sorry... Im sorry... I say as I load the gun again...
I take my last breath, I pray she wont be hurt if Im gone
I cock the gun, put it in my mouth and pull the trigger...
Blank, A fucking blank, I hate Gods cruel sence of humor
Why can't I die whats my purpose, why am I here...
WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME! Ill never know.
I hate you... I hate you... I whisper in between sobs, fist on the floor
I hate you...