Perched upon the hilltop, we gaze into each other's eyes
Watching the sky scorched, by trails of fireflies
Stars scattered cross the tattered blanket of black
As we kiss, it all begins to come back
The days we first met, and the days of last
When I tried to end my pain so fast
Taking to my aid, you would always be at my side
I had no where to run, and no where to hide
But you were comfort when need be
But you are more now, you see?
I love you more than anything in this world
More than can that can't be described in words
But I swear to try my best, and to make up for
All the times, while you had to endure
My pain, and my pain
Surely, you're not to blame
And I really start to think now, about my life
And how it would be different, if you didn't take my knife