Soul Mate

I met the most amazing person.

            Over two years ago now.

            He was tall, and he had long untidy hair, an unshaven face. He smiled and his eyes lit up. I loved his accent. He would wink at me when nobody else was looking, just to make me laugh. He wrote poems, and I read them. He inspired me to write my own. He sang to me when I was unhappy. He sang my favourite song, and made me feel better. Then he wrote me a song, and made me feel better still.

            He was frank when he spoke, sparing no fragments of the truth. He told me things that I needed to hear, things that nobody else would tell me. He had problems though.

            Some days, he would be angry. I would watch from a distance as he punched a tree until his knuckles bled. I would avoid him on the days when I knew he had been drinking, when empty beer cans were strewn across his floor. I know that we were meant to be, because we always shared something special. There was always an understanding there that I didn't have with anybody else.

            I kissed him once.

            But only once, and we never spoke of it again.

            My soul mate. I will always fear him, always follow him, always love him.