To taste the sweet sharpness of cherry ice cream
And not feel repulsed as it
Hits my tongue would give me
Another worlds knowledge
For I want to see that space.

That space where post-box red is a
Slightly different shade and everything is
Inched lightly to the left.

That space where the distance is blurred
Or the rain does not stop falling
And the dawn burns orange.
That space where loneliness is everyday
Or happiness is absolute.

There are so many eyes to see through.
So many skies and seas..

This cloud is a plane, yet also a boat.

If I could get off a bus using
Wheels, I know I would value my legs
More than money ever after,
And if one day I found myself a guitarist
I know I would play until my fingers
Burned, blistered and bled with such used talent
That I had never had before within myself.
I would play until I woke again
As someone else to live their
Losses and
Just for one day.