Time's Love

We step into one
With every heart beat
And every blink of an eye.
It's something we can't get back,
But each second is just a touch away
And never quite reachable.

As each second pass me by,
As time becomes non-reachable,
I realize
So much more than I knew.
Your life doesn't need me,
I've searved my purpose,
I don't need you,
Tou've always been there for me,
And just me,
I'm the only one that can get through,
Into your mind,
And show you who I am.

Then, as time pass by,
It occurs to me,
I never loved you,
Do I even know what love is?
I thought I knew,
And loved you,
But I realize...
It was all imagination,
And a belief,
Nothing but an illusion..

Time brings a new second
A new start,
That will slip away,
Before something can be made of them,
Upon each second rests love,
And the realization that i don't love you,
Never again.

So tell me,
If all this is true,
Did I just waste,
Thousands of seconds on you?
Is this poem
Nothing more than another waste,
Of our precioustime?