Dreams of you, dreams of me,
dreams of us, forever free,
dreams long forgotten,
dreams that haunt my existence,
dreams in the day, dreams at night,
rain in sunshine,
or with lightning shining in the sky.
beauty in the droplets
caressing my face,
like tears falling from heaven
to race down to the ground,
to nourish the earth,
to pound on the rocks,
to ripple the water.
your face, our hands now laced,
your words reach my ears;
i smile in response
and squeeze your hand.
i let go, and run around in the rain;
i twirl, i spin, i dance, i shout.
all of these emotions i've kept bottled in,
just flood right out.
i can just relax, be comfortable.
it's been so long since i've done this,
just be who i want to be,
with no one here to make me
try to be you, or try to be her.
why am i not enough?
in this one moment, i feel like i'm enough,
just enough for me.