You may not believe in the existence of other worlds; but let me tell you the story of a boy who DID live in another world. His name was Septar, and this is his story. Let me start from the beginning..

A man and a woman stood in an open burning field as people ran passed them screaming over the loss of a friend or relative. The woman carried a baby rapped in a pile of clothes.

"Let me have him," the man said in a forceful voice. The woman gave over her prized possession.

"He is the one!" the man gasped as he pulled the cloth from over the young infant's face. "We must keep him safe."

"That means he must leave me," the woman whispered mournfully as she stretched out her arms to take the baby back. The man slowly held out the bundle of cloths. Right when the bundle touched her hand she pulled it towards her. " My little Septar," she whispered not loosening her grasp even a little. "No matter how far away you go, no matter how old you get, you will always be my little Septar." She kissed the little boy on the cheek and then looked up at the man.

"Tazroy, you must take him to my father---- now! Although I will never see him again, I shall think of him every day." A tear began to run down her cheek. She then kissed the infant's forehead and handed him to Tazroy, who then turned around and walked toward a vary dark and forest.

"I love you, Septar," the woman whispered to the baby as he was carried farther and farther away. "And I'll never forget you!"