"Well, that should do it," said a handsome 18-year-old. He looked around for a while, then his eyes darted to the bottom of his dresser. "Oh Freelark, we'll come back. Now don't make me go under there and get you!"

A little blue animal came out from under the dresser. He was a surome named Freelark. A surome is a little animal that is the size of a cat and has the head of a baby kangaroo but its body looks like a bunny with a long tail.

"Good, little Freelark! Now, come here." He picked Freelark up and set him in the crook of his arm as he slung his backpack over his shoulder with the other arm. Then he walked out onto his front porch and locked his door behind him. Then he deposited the key under the doormat.

Than, without another word, he turned from his home and, occasionally stopping to say a final goodbye to some of his close friends and neighbors, he left the city. His reason for leaving the city was the letter in his pocket from the city of Leresh which read:

City of Jenshiha,

We have declared war on Sinroy after the threat they posed on us of killing our king, Grondemer. The threat was too close to becoming reality for our liking. Yet, we are in need of your help as it is 100,000 strong against 20,000 strong. We have heard you have 190,00 strong. So if you help us we shall be your alley, and you shall receive 90,000 pounds of food and water.



Many days passed until they reached a place called Masthronien.

"Freelark, look! A town! Maybe we have enough sheelions to get more food and water."

Sheelions were like money in Septar's world. Septar walked into the store and saw food, water, and weapons .He purchased them and was off to find an Inn to spend the night in. But, to his dismay, every Inn he found was too expensive. Untill he found one for only 30 sheelions.

"Ha!" Septar cried triumphantly to Freemont, "Look at what we got here, Freemont. 30 sheelions per night! But we have 80 sheelions! I feel so rich." He laughed to himself before walking into the Inn.

When he got inside, he saw two children playing with dolls.

"Um, sir," said the man behind the counter, "may I help you?" "Uh...yes, yes please. I'd like to rent a room here."

"Alright, I think we have a room available. Just one moment."

While Septar was waiting he looked at the children and thought of when he was a child. He had never known his parents. He had grown up in an orphanage.

"Sir...sir here's a room."

"Huh? Oh sorry. Thank you."

"Room 29."

"Alright. Thank you."

"Why do you keep looking at the children? Something troubling you?"

"No it's, can I get their names?"

"Kaella & Celtron. But if you could please move down to room 29 that would be vary helpful. And if you need help caring anything just say so."

"No, I'm fine, thanks."

As he moved down the hall of rooms, Septar couldn't help thinking of those two little girls. When he reached room 29, he opened the door and dropped himself onto the bed.