Inside a cell a small fetus grows. Multiplying growing bigger and bigger. This is Experiment 21. Scientists making the perfect being. Ever since World War 1, the United States have been trying to build super beings. People who could move as fast as a cheetah, jump as high as a kangaroo, fierce as a Jaguar, powerful as a grizzly bear, and will never quit. And in the year 2346, they finally did it.

My name is X21, of the Alavna Clan. I am called that by everyone on the base(X21), but 'they' sometimes also they call me 'honey', 'baby', and my favorite of all, 'Jaguar'. I guess it's cause when I smile I looked fierce. 'They' are Dr. Laura Cree, whose 31 and is sweet as a piece of chocolate, Dr. April Oriel, whose 37 and has a weird sense of humor, Samantha(Sam) Core, whose 21 and is very tough, and M.L, (Mona Lisa), my robot baby-sitter (like I need a baby-sitter). All I know is that they are my family. Dr. Oriel had laugh when I explained we were like a family unit, when we had taken a picture of all of us who worked on the base(which is about 59 not including me). She told me that we couldn't be a family unit because most of the other scientists already had family units and because they don't work with me as 'they' do. (And don't tell 'them' but, I like when they tease me. I wasn't known for blushing though.)

I have 2 rooms for myself. One room has a bath as big as a pool and a library. The other room has my hammock, comics, textbooks, a Boom-Box with CDs from rap to classical and my favorite things; hair dye, my specially made skateboard.

I learn what most people would learn at this time. From lessons of school to objectives and training of the U.S Military, Army, Navy, and Marines.

So, X21 made her mark before she could even walk. And because of that her life as she had known it so far will come to a complete stop and shatter.

The government thought that she would do as she is told to do because she was born a girl. But soon they will regret thinking girls were impassive.

Chapter 1

Year 2360

In a small corner of her office, Dr. Oriel saw a tall, lean figure weaving left and right on a thick, green board.

"X21, hurry up! Your already late!" Said Dr. Oriel as a 14-year old girl skateboarded onto the ramp where the doctor was standing.

"Sorry, Dr. Oriel. I was held back by Dr. Cree, she wanted to talk to me about my classes." X21 explained to woman. She sat down on the cold, silver, metal chair. "So, are we going to have pain today?" She asked as she flipped her long, sleek, green hair.

"This is the only class that you know will have pain today." The doctor said as she set up X21' s obstacle course. X21 stuck out her tongue and pretended to shoot herself in the head. Every scientist who was stationed on the base knew that X21 had a warped sense of humor. " X21, please try to avoid the lasers this time." X21 got up and took out a small, black rubber-band and tied most of her hair back. Then she began to put on her gloves. The gloves were wirelessly connected to the main CPU in Dr. Oriel office, it had a button that will quickly shut the program down if she had finished the mission. X21 finally had gotten her weapons on her : a sword, long and silver, an laser gun, a mace, a metal ball with many spikes on a metal rod, and last but, not least her skateboard, which can be turned into a small ram if the right procedure is preformed.

"I don't know why I can't have a day with out these exercises!" X21 mumbled already knowing the answer. It was to help her be ready for things the doctors wanted her to do. "To help the worlds." When she was younger all she had to do was help serve dinner, read and train with Sam (the martial arts instructor). Now she had to go to calculus, literature, strategy, aikido, fencing, martial arts, and the 'famous' obstacle course class all in one day.

"Ready? This is Spy, year 2300." Asked Dr. Oriel quietly as X21 walked slowly and precisely through the door that led to the danger room.

"Yes, ma'm!" X21 gave the doctor a salute and pressed a small screen to close the doors.

Inside the danger room all was quiet and still. X21 skated cautiously down a path. She thought quickly about the year 2300 all spying was done because of rumors of a wretched man named William Shaper training to steal a very special ingredient to put in his bomb. X21 had forgotten what kind of bomb he was making.Oh, wellThe programs, if she made it through one, were like how you would move through grades except the programs were so endless. X21 continued down the path when all of a sudden a beam of dark green light shot at her head. The laser missed as X21 jumped out of the way and crouched. Okay, where are you, pet? Where are you? X21 thought as she began to move again careful not to alert the enemy. Crawling on her back she took the laser out of its sheath and held it steadied as she tried to find where the attacker was. She caught sight of a very large and well hidden black hand moving quickly with the signals 'Scout and destroy'. There were 2 ... no 5 of William 's henchmen began to spread out rustling the bushes a bit. I gotta do this fast, X21 thought locating a pile of rocks she could hid behind. Yes got toward the rocks the lasers beam will get you, a small voice in her head said teasingly, They will get you! X21 ignored the voice and raised the laser half of a centimeter aiming for the closest enemy. She did not shoot instead she turned the laser down to stun. She shot the one who were the farthest away from her. The man froze in his tracks, the others thinking he saw something the came back one by one. X21 began to set the laser to high and was about to shoot them when she heard a rumbling. She looked toward the group of men they were smiling except for the man who was stunned. Oh crapcrapcrapcrap! Crap! X21 began to move toward the trees as fast as she can crawling. About mid way someone threw a grenade near her face. Ahh! X21 thought as she got up and ran she did not look back. I'll never get away fast enough! 5,4,3,2... The grenade exploded and X21 was knocked down.

"Laura, is she going to be okay?" asked a voice I recognized as Sam. I felt a hand on my cheek sliding gently down.

"She will be as soon as she wakes up. The grenade! She should have known that the spy was in 2300. The year that Sharper made an grenade powerful enough..."

"She is just a child, April. How would she have had known? I remember when you were a child you were always forgetful." Dr. Cree interrupted. I whimpered as a large warm metal hand began to wiped a thin, cold cloth over my forehead. I slowly opened my eyes blinking a few times so my eyes could adjust to the bright florescent lighting. My eyes filled with tears as my vision swam into focus. The first thing I saw is was Dr. Cree's face smiling gently as M.L was wiping the sweat off my face. "Ooman-di pauk?" I said roughly in the universal language in which it meant 'Where am I?' I sat up. Dr. Oriel was kind of pink, I guess from yelling. She then started to start a lecture about how it was important to remember the history lessons. Because I forgot Sharper had made the Grenade Bomb 666, the bomb that destroyed a whole planet on accident. I tried to stand because I was used to her lecturing after I failed missions for forgetting what master criminals made. I grinned crookedly with my head tipped slyly to the side.

"That smile might work with Laura, but it won't work with me!" She said shrilly. So, I guess I had to bust out the big guns, again, I began pouted with my puppy eyes and my body leaned toward her. She stopped and just stood there staring at me with twinkling humor behind her icy, hard, pale, blue eyes. I stared to walk to Dr. Cree and hugged her before my energy escaped and I faded into sweet darkness.

Emerging from what felt like a swim, X21 woke up, breathing heavily, in her room.

"Wake up, X21! Your going to be late for your naming ceremony!" said M.L rushing through X21's closet trying to find X21's blue-green robe. "If your late you'll be in big trouble. Many people have come to see it." X21, Sam, M.L, and the Doctors had talked about this a few days before and after the Sharper incident. A chance to change my name! she thought happily as M.L helped her wrap the robe around her. Ever since the new rule made by the uneasy and very red President of the Galaxies, Jummba Tarr Shco, of the Karr Clan. Parents could not name their children but, could help them pick, and or give them options of their future names.

It was different for other genders, for girls they got their new name around 13 to 16(because girls mature faster than boys), for boys it would be somewhere between 6 to 10(for the better of the babysitters, instead of yelling out 'you' they would go around yelling 'Gouy' or 'Clfirs', and for its,(aliens who don't have a sex) because it was very important to choose it would be around 19 to 25(of course in human years)and to choose if they would want to be female or male. She could choose a different name that everyone would respect and soon loath.

I'm gonna have a new name! What should it be? What did Dr. Oriel and Cree make up? Argh! I can't think! Jaguar that's what I ... no, not that. How about Tiger? Nah! How 'bout ... I don't know? Aww crap! I walked down the hallway with M.L leading to the waiting room. I felt very nervous so I tried to calm myself by have a cup of sweet green tea. I managed to spill some on the coffee table. M.L finally got up and took me into the room I was supposed to get my name.

I sat down, in front of 2 people who were hooded but, seemingly female. By their posture they were not Laura or April. That or they were really ridged.

"Hello, X21. My name is Mafunyo of the Dojo Clan. My partner, here," Mafunyo's companion nodded. "is Jacki Hazelwood. We are here to take over for Dr. Cree and Dr. Oriel." she finished pulling down her hood revealing a face only a true medicrum would have. A blue face with black tattoos making her an important member of tribe on the Neptune system. A small sad smile was on that face. The Dojo Clan(not to be confused as a martial arts center)was the most powerful people in the universe. But they got the occupation by being the best fighters in the universe and because they have no known tempers. The medicrum were mostly hired as teachers, bodyguards and bounty hunters.

"Why aren't they here?" I asked suspiciously looking down. Her partner was a Hypno. If you look directly at Hypnos eyes they can hurt you without meaning to.