She's my dream. She is the dream I have every night. I wake up every morning and she's the first thing on my mind. It's almost as if I never even fell asleep, for she's also last on my mind before I fall asleep. Had it not been for the dreams of her, I would believe it. I go to school with her. She's the only reason I go to school anymore. Since we started talking, my world has revolved completely around her, and I wouldn't want it any other way. She saved me from an obsession. She gave me the happiness I've always wanted-the happiness I've longed for my whole life. Oh.and another thing.she's an extraterrestrial.
I fell in love with her over the time that I knew her. Love is funny that way. It's like when you go outside every night for your whole life and see the stars but when you're in love you go out there and all you can see is that one star shining so beautiful, and even though it's only one star, you'd rather see it every night for the rest of your life than all of them. That's what being in love is like. That's how I feel about her. I wish that every day of my life were spent with her and her alone. She's all my life is. She is my life; without her, I am dead.
When my birthday came around, we went over to her house after school like we did every day. I wasn't sure what to expect. She's the only happiness I've ever known. Just a week before that, I looked at pictures of myself at my previous birthdays. I couldn't help but notice from the pictures that I wasn't smiling in any of them. I had gifts in front of me.cake, but was I smiling? No. I didn't look happy. When I think back on it now, I wasn't happy. This time, though, with her, it was the best birthday I'd ever had. She asked me what I wanted. I didn't answer. What I wanted, more than anything was to simply sit there with her. I wanted to stare into her eyes and think about how much I love her and why. I wanted to see her smile. I wanted to see her stare back into my eyes and smile. I wanted to sit there and hold her hand-to hold her-for her to hold me.that's all I wanted. I didn't want anything that could be wrapped or money. All I wanted was to spend time with her, alone, away from everyone. Did I get it? Yes. Was it the best birthday ever? Hell, it was the best day ever. Was I truly, purely happy? .No, I wasn't.
She has a boyfriend. Secretly, we spend days in each other's arms, but when I'm gone she talks with him. Even when I'm there, she talks of him. She says she loves him. I believe her. It hurts worse than anything I've ever felt before in my life. I've never loved anyone like this before. I've never even felt like this before. I've been told by multiple couples before-people who were engaged, people already married-that when you meet the person you're supposed to be just know it. That's how I feel about her. The simple thought, for even a moment, of my life without her is so painful and horrifying that I can't think about it for any longer than a second.
There was nothing I could do, though. In the stories I wrote in, I continuously poured my heart out but still she was with him. I guess I just finally realized that there isn't anything I can do. There are no words I can say and no action I can make that will take her away from him. It hurts horribly to consider that, but it is a possibility.
All I know is that I love her. More than anything in this universe, I love her. I'd give up my own obsessions for her. Everything I've ever loved before her, I'd give up for her. I love her. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I want to fulfill her every desire and make her dreams come true. I want to treat her like the Queen that she is. This is all I know. Though some may disagree, even her, that will never cease, and it is the utter truth. I love her, and it's not just obsession or infatuation. This is it. This is how I truly feel. Honestly, I break into to tears at the mere thought of her with this other guy-holding him, him holding her.their eyes meeting.their lips.the words they say to each other, and I am nothing but a shadow beneath them.hidden.
I suppose you're wondering about the alien part. She confessed to me her identity one day after school. She even showed her true self to me. She looked.reptilian, which fit her behavior quite well. Either way, though, she was beautiful to me. She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Though I messed with her at times about having "a little bit of meat" on her, I loved every bit of that meat on her. Her beauty amazed me. She was perfect.
She never did say much about her true self, and I didn't ask. All that mattered to me was being with her. A week after my birthday, that was taken away from me. She sat me down at her house one day and told me that she had to leave. She was staying on earth, else where, but she could no longer stay there, close. She said something rather cryptic to me on the day she left. She said, "Don't be like everyone else and forget about me."

I understand that now. When I went to school the next day, no one remembered her. I mentioned her to someone during one of our classes and they didn't know whom I was talking about. Even the teachers denied knowing who she was. It was as if she'd never even existed. It reminded me of how I felt one day at school when she had been sick and stayed home. I seriously considered leaving in the middle of school that day. It just felt utterly pointless to even be there without her. I felt empty without her there, incomplete. It had caused me to yell at my own friends. I just couldn't stand being there without her. When I thought about the days that she had been there, it felt as if I was thinking of a dream. It was as if she'd never even been there to begin with-as if I'd dreamed her up entirely. Now she really is gone. Now, I'm the only one who remembers her. Why had she allowed me to remember her, I'll probably never know, but I'm glad she did. One day of being with her was worth dying for. And that's exactly what I did. She was no longer there. I died.
I died.