Watch the fiery fairy's hair fly in her face.
A sensual darling,
Fallen angel with heart traced.
This lovely one has been erased from history.
All eyes, all hearts for this sweet, dangerous mystery.
Awestruck, yours follow her creamy, swinging body
In an ancient dance.
Natives created, it seems.
Mesmerized in a trance
At hearing this beauty sing.
Mysterious, midnight eyes
In both look and expression.
Moving in a convulsive, yet rhythmic fashion
With no destiny.
With no direction.
Fiery, flaming hair
Adorn this being; so ironically fair.
Purple and black dress,
Ripped and tattered.
Jeweled and glowing with light's shadow.
The lightning controlled soul moves so intensely.
You stare at her glossy body,
Curved and reflecting.
The rare one extends a soft, silky hand,
Pulling you into this beating trance.
You inch near the seductress
Exulting all of the stars for this chance.
Forward to kiss her crimson, full lips.
An electric explosion erupts from this kiss.
The light and fire block the pair from predators.
Dazed, your insides scream; your heart wants more!
Watching her, not taking a risk even to blink,
A guilty ecstasy is found.
She is the link.
You need no ascension from this heavenly sin.
So warm, full of fireflies in her starry night tint.
She looks back towards you,
Changed and intrigued.
"Join me in this fire, Love,"
She whispers in need.
Dancing, dancing
Dying sun's journey entrancing
Sweating, sweating
Hidden in a crib of flames and lightning
The burning life marries her attire.
Outside, a world so cold longs and admires.
You with the sorceress
Shall call yourself Blessed,
For seizing that hidden gift.
The Electric Kiss.