The loud, pulsating beats filtered out of the clubs, but the streets were practically empty, except for a few straggling club kids making their way in and out of the clubs and bars that the city was famous for. There was a faint drizzling of rain falling down on the street below, but it was warm out, and after spending hours under the hot lights, it was absolutely delightful.

William Bannister stepped onto the sidewalk with a soft sigh, tilting his face upwards to catch the raindrops. He smiled faintly and closed his eyes, letting the rain cool his skin. Felt nice. He was wearing tight black leather pants and a see-through mesh shirt. His hair was spiked with red tips, and he had deep, sparkling green eyes, which was odd, since everyone in his family had brown. Sometimes he liked to think he was adopted. Of course, that was mainly because his three older brothers were morons.

He was the youngest of four boys, which mainly meant that he got his ass kicked daily. Being gay and a fan of going to clubs certainly didn't help. He was the only one of the four who wasn't an athlete. Not because he wasn't able to be, but because he didn't want to. He got enough stupid jock behavior at home.. God knew he didn't need it at school, too.

Sighing, he walked down the sidewalk, pulling his long leather coat around him. It was kind of like he was invisible. He always danced alone at the clubs, and didn't really hang around with people at school.. His family treated him like he didn't even exist. Sometimes he wondered if he even did exist.

There came soft footsteps from behind him, starting off slowly, but getting more and more rapid. William tensed up and turned back around, but there was no one there. He sighed in relief, but when he turned back around, there was someone standing in front of him, smiling. Will yelped quietly.

"Sorry." The other man said with a grin. "Didn't mean to scare you. I just saw you at the club, and you left before I could talk to you."

He was tall and good-looking, but unusually pale. His eyes were the most beautiful blue that William had ever seen before. They were almost inhuman. ". You wanted to talk to me?" He repeated quietly, confused. ".. Why the hell would you want to do that?"

He raised an eyebrow. "Could it be that you're awfully cute?" He asked.

".. Sorry. Nobody notices me."

"Sorry to hear that. I'm Quinn." He extended a hand. William hesitated, and then reached out to shake it.

"I'm William.." He paused. ".. Will."

"Nice to meet you, Will." Quinn smiled, taking Will's hand and kissing it lightly. "Could I offer you a ride home?"

"Actually, I was going to walk, but thanks."

"Well, then let me get you a drink?"

"I don't drink."

"Coffee?" Will looked over at him, finding himself lost in Quinn's eyes. The other man grinned sheepishly and put some sunglasses on. "Contacts. Neat, huh?"

"Yeah, they don't really look real." Will relaxed. Not like this guy was like.. an alien, or something. Not that he wouldn't mind being anally probed by Quinn. Rwar. Oh god, he was bad. He was very, very bad. Quinn was still grinning at him with a secretive glance, as if he could tell what Will was thinking.

"Join me for a coffee, Will. Afterwards, I'll walk you home."

God, how could he resist? After all, not like anyone at home would notice he was missing. ".. All right, I guess I could go for a coffee." Will relented and smiled weakly, walking with Quinn down the sidewalk and enjoying the glances he got from other guys - jealous ones. Eek, it felt so good.

"I've seen you in the club a few times.. I've been working up the courage to talk to you. You're always alone. Don't people go to places like that to meet others?"

"I'm not a very social person."

"Hm. Neither am I. I'm a lone wolf, I suppose." Quinn took Will's hand in his own, and Will couldn't help but shiver. Quinn's hand felt so cold. Quinn smiled. "Sorry. I had some ice water in the club and I guess my hands are still cold. Usually I bring gloves with me, but I must've forgotten."

"That's all right.. I'd be more than happy to warm you up." He paused, mortified. "I.. I mean.. I mean, I didn't mean.. t..that.."

"Either way is fine with me." Quinn winked. Will was still horrified at his own comment. He was such a pervert.

They walked into the little café, and Quinn was pleased that it was empty. He wasn't much for crowds. Will ordered a mocha latte, and Quinn asked for a cup of herbal tea.

"Caffeine makes me jumpy." He explained. "I'm a night person, so I usually end up sleeping into the daytime."

"Me too - I think if I didn't have school to go to, I'd just stay in bed all day." His cheeks reddened when Quinn took off the sunglasses. Those eyes were like nothing he'd ever seen. "Those are really cool contacts."

"Thanks. It seems wherever I go, I seem to attract attention." Quinn wrapped his slender fingers around the warmth of the tea cup when it arrived, and he flashed a smile at the tired waitress, who flushed, melted a little, and smiled back, scurrying off. "See?" He chuckled. "Why don't you tell me about yourself, Will?"

"There's not much. I'm.. average, in every possible way. Average-looking, average intelligence.. Average life. It's my brothers who are all special."

"Should I go get your brothers to talk to, instead?"

".. No.." Will sighed. "Sorry. They're all just.. perfect. Perfect athletes, honor students.. and.. sometimes, I wonder if they even realize I'm there, too."

"Are you the youngest?" Quinn asked, taking a sip of his tea and trying not to flinch, much.

"Yeah.. I have three older brothers."

He laughed. "I'm the youngest of seven children. Five girls, and a twin brother."

"Really? That must be cool." Will took a long drink from his latte and set it down, raising an eyebrow. Quinn sniggered softly at him and reached across to brush some foam from the other boy's nose.

"It was. I don't see my family often." He went quiet for a minute, and took another sip of his tea. "I miss them."

"I don't think I'd miss my family much if I moved away for college."

"Didn't go, myself. I can take care of myself fairly well. " He shrugged lightly. "There must be something you excel at. Everyone has a hidden talent."

"What's yours?" Will raised his glass to his lips.

Quinn smirked. "You'll have to wait for a few more dates to find that out, William." Will choked, laughing. "You don't smile much, do you?"

"Don't have much to smile about."

They both looked into their empty cups for a moment and then Quinn pulled out a couple bills to cover the drinks. "Shall I walk you home?"

"Not safe to walk alone at this time of night.." He stood again and walked out with Quinn, blushing deeply as the taller man slipped his arm around Will's waist, pulling him closer.

"Is this all right, Will?"

"'sfine.." He murmured. Quinn still felt cold to him, though. He couldn't explain it. Maybe Quinn was a reptile or something. If they kissed, would Quinn turn into a prince? Or a frog? "Oh.. I live right here." He stopped as they reached his house.


At that moment, Will wished he lived ten miles away.. He just wanted to talk all night with Quinn.. "Yeah.."

"Could I kiss you goodnight?" Quinn's eyes flickered to the windows for a second. All the lights were out, and everyone was fast asleep. Wordlessly, Will nodded. Smiling, Quinn leaned in and gently pressed his lips against Will's, pulling him closer. "Close your eyes.." He whispered into the shivering boy's ear. Will obeyed, feeling as if he'd do anything Quinn asked him to.

Quinn leaned down, his breath against the skin of Will's neck. He made a pleased noise and gently bit down, his fangs piercing the skin easily. Moaning with pleasure, he let the blood flow into his mouth, warming him to the core. Will whimpered and slumped.. What was happening? And.. why did it feel so good?

Pulling back, Quinn made a tiny cut on his finger, letting his blood drip onto the wound on Will's neck. He hadn't taken much, only to make Will a little woozy. Slowly, the bite wounds closed, leaving a very confused young man.


"Shh.." Quinn kissed him again, the taste of blood on his lips. Will shuddered. Their eyes met, and Quinn smiled. "Shall we meet tomorrow?" Wordlessly, Will nodded. Quinn helped him up the sidewalk. "I'll see you then."

"Q.. Quinn.. What."

"I'll tell you someday." He tapped Will's nose and walked off down the sidewalk with a little wave. Will stumbled inside, hearing the snores of his brother Robert upstairs. Leaning against the wall, he made his way into his own bedroom, flopping down on the bed. He was asleep before he had a chance to take his clothes off, and that night, he dreamt.

In his dreams, he saw Quinn alone in the darkness, watching him with that smirk, his fangs glistening in the faint moonlight.

".. Quinn?" Will called out, stepping forward. Quinn didn't move, just standing there and watching him silently. "Quinn, what's going on? Where is this?"

"Are you ready?" He whispered.

"Ready for what?"

Quinn dived onto him and sank his teeth into Will's throat, drinking hungrily. Crying out in a mixture of pleasure and pain, Will sank against him, watching through glazed eyes. "Will you be mine, William?"

"Yes.." Will murmured, his eyes falling closed. Quinn smiled, brushing his fingers across Will's cheek.


"S.. soon?"

"I promise. Now rest.. "

"Wait, Quinn!"

With a gasp, Will woke up, sitting up straight in bed, panting. He frantically felt at his throat, sweat dripping down his forehead. God, what a dream.. He laughed weakly. Vampires aren't real, Will. Don't be a moron.

But.. that night.. what had Quinn done? He didn't remember. In fact, that whole kiss seemed kind of foggy in his mind. Will groaned, and sank back onto his bed. What a weird night.. There was a faint pang of fear in his chest.. What if Quinn was a vampire? Oh god. He should eat garlic and go out to get a cross..and.. holy water. Oh! And sunlight. Would the laundry soap work? No. No it wouldn't. Getting out of bed, he yanked off his copy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, slipping it into his VCR. Damn it! Where was Buffy when he needed her!? Hey, maybe he should call Donald Sutherland. .no.

Gods, he wasn't even sure if Quinn was a vampire! Don't jump to conclusions, Will. Yeesh. Nonetheless, he pulled out a small cross necklace that he'd gotten from his godmother when he was young, and put it around his neck. He usually didn't wear it, but.. better safe than sorry. Only half-listening to the movie, he sighed. No school tomorrow. He would go rent Interview with the Vampire, whack off to Tom Cruise in a blonde wig a couple times, and then get down to business.

If Quinn was a vampire, then he'd find out tomorrow night. If not? Well, then he wouldn't need too much garlic.


Quinn sighed and sank into the plush chair in his living room. It was a small condo that he was living in, since his sire left him to fend for himself. He was still very young - only ten years as a vampire, and seventeen years as a mortal. Never to reach adulthood. He picked up the glass goblet that was sitting beside him and stared into the dark liquid. When he closed his eyes, he saw Will there; smelt his blood..

He didn't cry anymore. At first, he had - when he heard his parents had died two years ago in a car accident. He didn't go to the funeral, but after, when everyone had gone, Quinn had taken flowers to the graves and knelt there.. He'd stayed there for nearly an hour, crying softly and apologizing to them. There'd been footsteps, but Quinn hadn't paid any attention until he'd heard the voice.

". Quinn?"

Quinn had looked up to see the horrified face of his twin brother - aged seven years - and had seen the full range of emotions: anger, disbelief, joy, grief, confusion.. Eyes wide, the young vampire had bolted before saying anything. But God. he would've loved to see his family. He cried again that night, for his twin, and for his sisters. Now, he didn't want to cry.

He couldn't cry.

He was unbelievably lonely. It was horrible spending every night searching for someone, only to go home alone. He'd been watching Will for a week and a half now, following him around silently, trying to learn about him. He'd seen Will's parents fighting, his brothers drunk, and through it all, Will was all alone in his room. It felt as if he'd found a kindred spirit. Someone who was as lonely as he was.

And now, he didn't want to just leave Will alone.. or let Will leave. He'd have to tell him, but when he fed that night, he'd nearly cried from the pleasure.. Quinn had felt Will move closer - he'd felt Will's pleasure mixed with his own. It felt so amazing..

His eyes flickered to the window, and he downed the blood in the glass, closing the heavy curtains, heading upstairs to his bedroom. The sun was coming up, and he needed to sleep. He didn't have to sleep during the day, but he'd always been a night person. Pulling the covers up over himself, he closed his eyes, listening to the sounds of a city beginning to awaken, and a city beginning to sleep at the same time.

"Soon." He whispered. Once he knew he had Will in his spell, he'd tell him. He couldn't risk scaring Will off yet.. He didn't want to be alone anymore..