Will waited outside his house wearing jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, a silver cross hanging on the chain around his neck. His parents had asked him if he was going on a date, and he'd said yes.

"With a boy?"


". Oh. You know, William, Gabriel is coming by with his wife and their kids this weekend. You should stay around and say hello." Gabriel was his most perfect brother. He was twenty-six, and had four kids with his beautiful wife. He was also rich. Pissed Will off to no end. After all, how was he supposed to live up to that?

".. Great. I should go, mom."

".. Have fun."

God, he hated his life.

Quinn walked up the sidewalk, dressed casually that night. He smiled. "Am I late?" He looked towards the kitchen window, where Will's mother was watching through the curtains.

"No, I haven't been here long.. outside, I mean." He walked away from the house with Quinn next to him. Should he ask him if he was a vampire? No. He was probably just being stupid about the whole thing. If Quinn was a vampire, he'd say something. Just in case, he had the cross on. He was safe.

"Good. Did you have anything you wanted to do tonight?"

"Actually, there's a movie downtown that I wanted to see.. It's one of my favorites, and they're showing it again. You know, since it's so close to Halloween."

Quinn laughed. "You like those horror movies? They're usually so lame. Some girl with big breasts runs around and then usually some girl with smaller breasts stops the killer."

"And then corn syrup and food-coloring to make it look like blood."

"Exactly. Or cherry kool-aid.." Quinn agreed, and slipped his hand into Will's.. He was wearing gloves that night, so the coldness of his skin wasn't as noticeable. "Well, what movie did you have in mind?"

"Interview with the Vampire." He said calmly. Quinn paled faintly.

"Oh. Well.. That's different. Sure. Tom Cruise." He purred throatily, making Will giggle softly.

"I think I've seen it a thousand times. " Will reached in his wallet to pay for his ticket, but Quinn had already put money on the counter.

"Two for Interview, please." He smiled at Will and took the tickets. "You don't honestly believe that I'd make you pay on a date that I asked you out on."

"I haven't really been on any real dates." Will admitted, following him to the theatre and sitting down. Quinn sat down next to him and squeezed his hand again.

"Now you have."

As the movie went on, Will kept looking over at Quinn, who looked faintly pained. When Claudia and her new 'mother' were killed, he saw a definite look of fright in Quinn's eyes. Maybe he -was- right. "You okay?" He whispered. Quinn nodded, smiling weakly.

"Just fine." He whispered back. "Kind of creepy."

He was tense for the rest of the movie, and Will could feel his hands shaking sometimes. Something was definitely up. Once the movie was over, Quinn led Will out of the theatre. He was nervous - did Will suspect something? Was that why they went to that movie? No. Couldn't be.

"I'll walk you home." He pulled Will close, determined not to give himself away. Not yet, anyway. He couldn't risk it and drink from Will again tonight, either. It'd felt so good to feel someone give themselves into it. Sighing, he led Will to the front door.

"Are you going to kiss me again?"

"On our next date." You're too weak for another kiss. Without waiting, Will moved up to Quinn and kissed him deeply on the lips, not caring that people were watching them.

Oh. -That- kind of kiss.. Quinn thought, embarrassed. He ran his fingers through Will's hair, smiling. That was nice too. He pulled back and pressed his lips to Will's cheek. "I'll see you soon?"

"Why don't I meet you at your place?"

".. All right." There's nothing incriminating there. Why not? He wrote the address on Will's hand and smiled. "Here. I'll see you around six?"

"That sounds great.." Will grinned, jogging inside. His brother and sister- in-law were already inside, sitting on the couch and talking with Will's parents. Inwardly, he cringed. "Oh.. Gabe, Amanda.. Hi."

"Hey there, little brother. Mom says you had a hot date." He smirked. Will's cheeks turned impossibly red.

".. Yeah."

"We're just looking at Gabriel's old high school yearbook." Amanda smiled at him and patted the seat next to her. Will had to admit - he liked her. She seemed decent. Weird how she was married to Will's brother, of all people. He looked over at the page, eyes widening.

"Wait, wait.." He stopped Gabriel from turning the page.. There he was. Quinn.. Quinn and. his twin brother. ".. Wha.. Him.."

"Oh.. Him. Yeah, his brother Mitch was on the football team with me.. Good guy. He disappeared when I was still in school. "

"I remember that." His mother gasped. "That was horrible.. They never found the body.. His poor parents."

".. I'm pretty tired, mom. I'm gonna go to bed. "

"Don't sleep in - we're going out for breakfast as a family."

".. Great. Night.." He walked upstairs and went onto his computer, closing his bedroom door.. Going into a search engine, he typed in the name he saw in the yearbook downstairs. Quinn Harrison. Disappeared, presumed dead.. Oh god. So he was either dating a ghost or a vampire. Couldn't be a ghost, because he could feel Quinn.. So. Quinn was a vampire. And now he had proof. ..sort of, anyway. He'd get the rest of his proof the next day. After breakfast, he'd sneak away and pay Quinn a visit. He wasn't lunch, no sir.

In the morning, after he'd put up with his sickenly sweet nieces and nephews and the feeling of being the family disappointment, he hurried out of there, and went to the address Quinn had given him. It was a nice place - quiet, and Will noticed right away that all the windows were completely covered.

He frowned and checked the door, and was surprised to find that it was open. For a vampire, Quinn didn't seem to care about robbery, and Will found out why when he walked in. There was basically nothing. A tv, a couch, a lamp.. Nothing much at all. The bedroom was upstairs, and as Will climbed the stairs, there was a feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach.

What if Quinn wasn't as nice as he seemed to be? What if Will got eaten? He didn't want to be lunch. Or dinner. Shakily, he turned the doorknob, and swallowed, seeing Quinn lying in the huge bed, almost completely covered by blankets. One hand was curled lightly in the pillow beside him. Will walked over to the windows. If Quinn wasn't a vampire, then he'd just be grouchy. If he was.. Well, Will wasn't exactly sure what would happen.

With a tug, he yanked the rope for the curtains, pulling them open and sending sunshine barreling down on Quinn. There was a faint curl of smoke coming from the bed, and his body began to twitch. His eyes snapped open, and with a cry, he looked at Will, yanking the covers up over himself. "Wh.. what the hell are you doing?!" He yelled, voice hoarse. "C.. Close the curtains!"

Oh god. He was right. He took a step back, and closed the curtains, shaking. "..You.. you're a vampire."

There was no other sound in the room except for Will's heavy breathing, and Quinn's quiet whimpers of pain. He pulled himself out from under the covers, shaking. ".. And.. i.instead of asking me.. you decided to kill me?"

"Better you than me." He swallowed. "You lied to me!"

"I did not." He shivered, looking directly at him. Part of his face was badly burnt, and his hand was just as bad. "I never said I wasn't a vampire, William." Slowly, the skin began to heal itself. "Relax. I won't hurt you."

"How.. long have you been a vampire?" He asked, still frightened.

"Not long. I'm very young.. Can I ask how you figured it out?"

"My brother's yearbook.. your name was in it."

Quinn grinned lopsidedly. "Wasn't me."


"You can sit down, Will. I won't eat you."

Hesitating, Will sat down, and blinked. ".. the burns are all gone."

"I heal fast.. The yearbook picture wasn't me."

"What do you mean?"

"I skipped - my brother went into the bathroom, changed clothes, and pretended to be me.. " He laughed. "Mom was so pissed when she found out.." A sad look came into his eyes, and he sighed. "I miss them."

"Is your family still alive?" Something in him was telling him that Quinn was telling the truth and wouldn't hurt him. He might've just been an idiot, but he trusted Quinn.

Pained, he shook his head. "My parents died a few years ago.. and my brother.. I don't know. I can't go see him. What would I say?"

".. Yeah, you're right."

"You're the first person I've really talked to since I died."

"Did it hurt?" Will asked quietly. Quinn shook his head.

"It was just.. closing your eyes and .. waking up, everything was different. Brighter.. I could hear everything that was going on, and I was so hungry that I felt like I was going to die." Quinn laughed weakly at the irony of it all. Sighing, he lay back down on the bed, and turned his eyes on to Will's face. ".. Will you stay with me? I'm so tired of sleeping alone.. I promise not to hurt you.."

Will hesitated, but nodded and lay himself down next to Quinn, watching him carefully. He felt so cold.. Considering part of him had been on fire not too long ago. "..Did you bite me before?"

There was an awkward silence. "Yes." Quinn admitted. "I didn't take much. I was just really hungry." He closed his eyes. "Sorry."

".. It's okay.. it didn't hurt.." Will responded. Quinn gave him a tiny smile and fell asleep. Curiously, Will slipped his finger near Quinn's lips, and touched the two ivory fangs that had sank into Will's neck not too long ago. He gently kissed Quinn's forehead and lifted the blanket back up to cover him.

When he left the house, he felt a sudden urge to head to the graveyard. Maybe it was just seeing the pain in Quinn's eyes when he mentioned his family, but he just had to see the grave. On the way, he picked up a small bouquet of flowers to lay on the grave - just so he didn't feel guilty. His mother had always taught him to lay flowers - that way, other people could see how much the visited people were loved. It didn't make sense to Will, but.. eh, better to please her than to listen to her nag all day.

He arrived at the grave and searched through the rows until he found the one he was looking for - there was someone knelt in front of it, and it only took Will a second to realize who it was.

Mitchell gave a soft sigh and set down a rose on the earth. "I miss you." He murmured, looking pained. Sometimes he could still sense that Quinn was alive, or nearby, but his grief counselor when he was younger had said that it happened a lot when someone you loved a lot died. It was different. They were twins, they had a special bond..

And then, when he'd seen Quinn at his parents' grave.. He knew it was him. It wasn't a ghost, it was Quinn.. Mitch was sure of it. How, he wasn't sure, but.. it was probably just something stupid, like his subconscious acting up.

The girls were all grown up now, and living in different cities, so Mitch didn't see much of them. They all wanted to get the hell away from this place, but Mitch had a job here, and he just couldn't abandon his parents and his twin.

".. Happy birthday, Quinn." He whispered, voice choking. God, this used to be a happy day. Now it just reminded him that he was alone. The sound of leaves crackling behind him made him jump, and he turned around. ".. Sorry."

".. I didn't mean to scare you." Will said. So this is what Quinn would've looked like if he hadn't been a vampire.. He was still really hot. Will lay down the flowers on Quinn's grave, earning a very confused look from Mitchell.

". You knew my brother?"

"Yeah.. you were on the football team with my brother Gabe Bannister.."

"Oh.. I think I remember him.. it's been a long time.."

"I got dragged to games, and Quinn said hello to me.. He was nice.. "

Mitchell smiled wanly. "Yeah, he was great.."

"I bet you miss him a lot.." Will frowned. Mitch nodded. "Sorry if I reopened any old wounds."

"It's fine.. I'm okay.. It's been ten years now. "He brushed the grass off of his legs. "I didn't catch your name."

"I'm Will."

"Mitchell." He shook Will's hand. "Good to meet you."

"Do you have plans for dinner tonight?" Will asked. Mitch blinked, and shook his head. "Well, why don't you come by? I have the old yearbooks, and we can have pizza. I don't have anything else to do, it'd be nice not to eat alone."

He hesitated. ". Uh.. I don't know.."

Will wrote down the address. "Just come by if you change your mind.. it was really nice to meet you."

"You too.."

Will smiled at him and jogged off. That wasn't bad for improv. He snuck back into Quinn's place and curled up with him, even managing to fall asleep. He'd been up most of the night worrying whether or not Quinn was a vampire or not. Now that the question was settled, he could rest..

The sun went down, and slowly, Quinn rose from the bed, yawning and looking at the sleeping boy beside him. He was about to lean down to get a little drink when there was a knock at the door. Confused, he went downstairs, yawning, and opened the front door.

Mitchell stared in surprise and fright. "..Quinn."

Quinn's face registered the same emotions. ". M..Mitchell." He took a step back. How in the hell did his brother find him?

"..You're alive." He was still befuddled as to how Quinn still looked seventeen..

Will walked downstairs, catching sight of the two brothers. A million thoughts ran through his head, but all he could come up with was a meek "..Happy birthday.."