In A New York Minute

By:Andrew Troy Keller

If I'm not mistaken,the only thing that was missing from the life of a gigolo was that special person who was meant to be his one true love,just like the same thing that was missing from the life of my best buddy,Brock Morgan,who has been a gigolo for over three years and still wasn't able to find that one true love.

But that was before the Tenth day of March,when he was walking down the street to Brooks Brothers to pick himself up a new suit and had bumped into a woman walking out of the store--and when he had looked at her to apologize,he had suddenly discovered that she was a Sharon Stone type beauty from somewhere in the uptown area of the city.

"I'm so very sorry about that.",said Brock,after he had cleared his throat."By the way,I'm Brock Morgan.And you're...?"

"Leaving.Good day to you,Mister Morgan.",said the female stranger,while she was walking towards a waiting limousine.

"Wait-a-minute!",said Brock,after he had ran over to the limo."I didn't get your phone number!"

"I didn't give it.",said the female,after she had turned on the TV set inside the limo.

"In that case,do you want mine?",asked a smiling Brock.

Then,after she had let out a small giggle,the female had looked at Brock and asked,"You don't know when to quit,do you?"

"Any reason why I should?",asked Brock,after he had leaned on the car's open window.

Just then,after she had realized that he was actually harmless,the female had held out her hand to Brock and said,"I'm Kimberly Livingston.My phone number is in the yellow pages.Give me a call sometime."

"Don't mind if I do,Miss Livingston.",said Brock,after he had kissed Kimberly's hand."Don't mind if I do."

And after the limo had drove away from the scene,Brock had raised up his fist and said,"Yes!"

Just then,after he had gotten his new suit from the store,Brock had walked over to a nearby phone booth,opened up the yellow pages and found Kimberly's name inside it--and with good reason,for she just happened to be one of the members of the Livingston family,who owns the biggest computer superstore chain on the planet Earth.

Anyway,after he had picked the phone and placed two quarters inside the slot,Brock had dialed the number and said,"Hello.Is this Miss Kimberly Livingston?This is Brock Morgan and I'm just wondering what are you planing on doing tonight?"

The answer to that question had soon enough,for on the following night,Brock had arrived at the Livingston house,where they were having a wonderous party for their best friend,Senator Parker Kane,who was quite the classic politician--as in the type who says one thing and does another.

As a matter of fact,as soon as the last of the party guests has arrived,Parker had raised his hands and said,"And now,my friends!Allow me to show you some real party favors!"

But when the doors had opened,Brock's heart had sank all the way down to the tenth level of Hell,for one of his friends from the old neighborhood was being dragged into the room by someone pulling really hard on her chain.

And after she has been forced down to the floor,the chain puller had handed Parker a bullwhip--and after a devilish smile had appeared on his lips,Parker had raised the whip up and said,"Now,we'll really have some fun,you stinking whore!"

And then,after he had noticed that the poor girl was pleading for her life,Brock had ran over to Parker,grabbed him by his whip-hand and punched him dead in the face.

And after he had taken off his suit jacket,covered his old friend with it and left the Livingston house to take her home,Kimberly had ran after him and said,"I'm so very sorry about that.I really didn't know that she's actually your friend.Please don't hate me.I love you."

And after he had heard that,Brock had turned towards Kimberly,let out a smile and kissed her ever so passionately on the lips,which goes to prove that everyone could really find love in a New York minute.