~*~ Red eyes, red as the blood dripping from his mouth. Pale and white as the snow so the red stuck out. The body was limp in his arms, eyes still opened in pain and horror. Mouth slung open as if she had been cut off in the middle of a scream. A scream for help, for mercy… for anything. ~*~

"Scarlett if you don't get up now your going to miss your plane." I was being roughly pushed and prodded when that high pitched voice told me to get up. I moaned and swatted away the hands but they soon returned to pull my covers off of me and shove me off the bed. I fell hard onto the floor, saying every cuss word I could muster up at that moment. "Is that last one even a word?" I sat up and glared over my bed at the evil woman who had woken me up. "Oh do not give me that look, your going to miss your plane!"

"Your all EVIL." I yelled, reaching out for my blanket but she just ripped it away from me.

"And why are we evil?" She asked as my pout turned into a glare and I stood up.

"Your evil because you woke me up and the boss is evil because he got the tickets so dang early and the plane company is evil because they HAVE flights that are that early… your all against me, I know it." I said as Nanna, the evil woman who had woken me up started to fold my comforter.

"Yes, glad you've figured that out now get your young little butt in that bathroom and get cleaned up." Nanna said as I slowly made my treed to the bathroom. She smacked me in the butt to get me to move faster and I glared at her. "Take these, hurry along. You are wasting time." She said before walking out of my room.

I sighed and walked into the yellow bathroom. Whoever designed this bathroom should die a very painful and slow death. Its too bright, too clean and TOO organized. I mean, what's the challenge if you know where everything is?

After my shower I made my slow walk into the small kitchen and sat down at the table. My breakfast was set out in front of me, lucky charms cereal, a glass of water and a spoon. I yawned and slowly started to eat my cereal as Nanna walked into the kitchen, cleaning everything up.

"What are you gonna do without me here?" I asked, beginning to picture her actually being able to relax and enjoy life. Yet than again Nanna was… well Nanna and she had to be doing something every second or her head would explode. I pictured this and hid a chuckle.

"Oh I don't know… do you think I should come with you?" I shook my head at her. I was 16, I was old enough to go around without a maid/nurse following me around making sure to pick up every crumb I dropped. "I don't know what he is thinking though, that boss of ours. He has got to get his head checked, sending an amateur to a place were they literally crawl around like flies. Good thing you'll have an experienced partner though, heard he was old too. Very good, at least he hasn't lost ALL his marbles." By the time Nanna had stopped her rambling I had finished my cereal and glass of water and was now working on a can of Mountain Dew.

"You mean I have to work with an old folkie?" I got a glare for that question to which I gave her a bright smile. Nanna sighed and looked at the clock before bustling around more. Now I wasn't calling her Nanna because its some kind of… weird nick name, her REAL name is Nanna.

"Come come, time to go." Nanna said, bursting into the kitchen as I was working on my second can of Mountain Dew. I knew it wasn't a bright thing, I'd probably have to go real bad half way across the ocean but I'd deal. I followed Nanna as she handed a guy my bags.

I grabbed my back pack which I had personally packed and hosted it over my shoulders. I gave Nanna a quick hug and said good-bye before going out to the black Saturn and getting in the back. I yawned loudly than. This was going to be a long trip.


"I swear, everyone really IS against me." I muttered to myself. Well first, I almost missed my flight. Second, some stupid bratty kid kept kicking my chair all the way there… typical, my first flight is the worst. Third, like I had stated before, by my third can of pop I had to go… REALLY bad. Forth, everything is in pounds here and guess what… that stupid idiot boss of mine didn't give me any POUNDS. No I had useless American dollars. Oh yeah, to top it all off. "I'm lost!" I covered my mouth as people gave me weird looks and walked off. "Whole world is against me…" I muttered once more.

"Oi! You must be Scarlett." I turned around to stare at a guy and raised an eye brow at him.

"Oi yourself…" I said, not in a very good mood. He just smiled to me in return. This guy was weird… he even was wearing sun glasses in an air port… when outside it was raining and cloud. "What's it to ya?" I asked. Ah yes, lets show 'em how "nice" Americans are.

"I'm Devlin." He said, still giving me that strange smile. Why was this guy so HAPPY? I tried to wrack my brain in search of that name and came up with skimming a file with it. Devlin, my partner. Alright, he didn't look too old… actually, he only looked about a year older than me.

"Alright Devlin, you've been picked to find my luggage!" I said, faking cheerfulness as he looked down at me, losing his smile for only a split second. He than walked off to the luggage clam. Ok, first mission, find out what Devlin is on and take it away.


I know its kind of boring but it'll get better! I promise

Oh and the thing at the beginning is gonna be in every chapter but it'll be something new and at the end it will tell a story… don't ask, I've got stupid idea's.