The fangs that were blood drenched only seconds before now appeared white as the man came closer to the little girl. He reached out with a sickingly pale hand, pushing away the dark hair so the tender flesh of the child's neck was exposed to him. His eyes gleamed as the child was frozen in fear. He leaned down and brought his fangs up to her neck

I moaned and opened my eyes, looking at worried forest green eyes. I frowned and blinked a couple times. Why was Devlin so close? As if he read my mind he stood up straight but still was looking at me with that same worried look present. His brows were furrowed and a frown was seemingly plastered on his face.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Puppet, you fell out of a four story window." I looked over at the door, narrowing my eyes as I took in the female figure. Who was she and why was she in… I looked around the room in confusion. Why was I in Devlin's room? "I saved you of course. What was the boss thinking sending you here? Hmm? The old man must have lost his marbles." I growled in frustration as the women stepped closer. I tried to sit up but Devlin pushed lightly on my shoulders.

"Don't move, you need your rest." I glared at Devlin. Who was he to tell me what to do AND when this strange women was openly insulting me!

"Ducky I'd listen to him, wouldn't want the boss's little pet to get hurt, now would we?" The women asked with a smirk. I glared and sat up, pushing Devlin hard in the shoulders to get him to move away. He let out a soft groan and I looked at him, noticing the bandages. "Now what has she gone and done to you?"

"Excuse me but I didn't do anything to him in the first place." I glared at the women. I turned my attention back to Devlin and reached out to touch his shoulder to make sure it was still ok.

"Didn't do anything? Who's fault do you think it is exactly that he got caught by those hellhounds? Hmm? You don't HONESTLY think that a trained professional would just cause all that noise, now do you?" My heart pounded in my chest as all this sunk in. She was right, this was all my fault. The reason Devlin was hurt was my fault.

"Jezebel be quiet." Devlin hissed out, turning and glaring at the women.

"Oh I'm sorry if I hurt the pets feelings." Jezebel snickered and suddenly my anger was released. I moved suddenly to punch Jezebel but suddenly I was slammed into a wall, gasping for breath with my hands above my head. "I wouldn't try that again." She said, her glass blue eyes narrowing at me.

"I'm not making any promises that I wont." I said, bringing my knee up but she let loose one of my hands and grabbed a hold of my knee. I took my free hand and pushed her away from me. "But call me ONE MORE PET NAME AND I'LL PUT A FRICKEN STAKE THROUGH YOUR NONEXSISTANT HEART." I shouted and then stormed out of the room. The next thing I knew I was on the floor, a stinging in my back and on my face from the hit of the floor. I spun around and hopped up, glaring at Jezebel.

She. Was. Going. To. Pay.

A Week Later

"Please Devlin?" I begged. He turned and glared at me. I heard Jezebel snicker in the background but ignored that. The past week was spent in bed for both Devlin and I. One thing I learned that Devlin and I had in common, we didn't like laying around all day. Jezebel was sent to live with us to "help" us but all she did was manage to be a pain in my-

"Fine." My eyes went wide as I hugged Devlin tightly then let him go just as quickly. I had been missing my cats back in the state and Devlin's dumb dog just got on my nerves so I had been begging him to let me get a pet of my own.

an hour later (a/n I'm extremely lazy here)

"That thing is not a cat… its… I don't even know what it is!" Devlin said and I frowned, looking back at the cat like thing. It didn't have any fur, enough said.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but you are hunters, oi?" The old shop keeper asked. I could feel Jezebel and Devlin both go on defense but I just gave the old man a beaming smile.

"You are correct." I said.

"Then no ordinary pet will do. Come in the back, come come." I followed the old man to the back, behind some curtains where an odd assortment of pets were held. Anything from bats to piranha's. I looked around then something suddenly caught my eye. I walked over to a lone hawk in a cage. "Miss I wouldn't-" I opened the cage and stuck my hand in. The hawk let out a low squawk before jumping onto my hand and holding lightly on. I brought him out and stroked his neck lightly. "I've never seen the old boy react that way to anyone…" The old man mumbled.

"Please Devlin?" I asked, giving him my best puppy dog look. Devlin sighed and nodded. I would of jumped but I didn't want to disturb the hawk. "Does he have a name?" I asked the old man as he started to get some stuff off the shelves.

"Yes, Axel." I turned my attention back to the hawk who looked back at me almost in question.

"Axel, huh?" The bird, seemingly understanding me, nodded his head and ruffled his feathers slightly. I smiled happily at him as he squawked again.

That Night




I groaned out in pain as I was slammed into an alley wall over and over. I had underestimated the vampires strength and now I was paying dearly for that mistake.


My eyes snapped open and the vampire stopped, looking up at me then we both looked at my arm. I guess not even he knew his own strength because he had just broken my arm.

My anger flared and I leaned back heavily against the wall, pulling my legs up and then kicking him in the face. He dropped me and I landed very ungracefully on my feet. My arm ached in pain and I winced slightly as I touched it. The vampire growled angrily at me, blood pouring from his now broken nose.

"You break something of mine, its only courteous for me to return the favor." I grunted out before spinning around and kicking him again in the face. I used my good arm and with all the forced I could muster, punched him. His neck snapped and he turned to dust only seconds after.

"Scarlett?" Devlin rushed into the alley over to me. Perfect timing Devlin… NOT. I glared at him as I tried not to pay any attention to my broken arm.

"Foolish girl. I told you not to go after him, that he wasn't worth it!" Jezebel hissed out at me but I just glared at her. She stepped closer to Devlin and that unfamiliar feeling popped up again. I suddenly found myself very angry and wanting to kill Jezebel.

Instead I grabbed my arm and snapped it back in its socket.

"SCARLETT! How many times have I told you not to do that?!" Devlin said, glaring at me. I snickered and walked between both of them pushing them out of my way as I headed back to the apartment. "What crawled up her arse?" I heard Devlin ask.

"Puppet, it seems she fancy's you." Jezebel giggled. I growled in frustration.

I did not fancy Devlin.

Axel, who had been hovering over me before, landed lightly on my shoulder squawking his protest. I gave him a side glance glare before returning my attention to in front of me.

"Shut up Axel, I do not fancy him." I mumbled but even to my own ears it sounded hollow and untrue. I glared out into the darkness. Axel dug his claws into my shoulder slightly and I turned to glare at him again. "Stupid bird." He squawked out and then pushed off of my shoulder before flying off again.

That's when a fist came out of the darkness and connected with my face.