By: Tk.T

This whole manner of Fiction Press upsets and vexes me entirely. (And I'm sure you feel the same way) Let's face it: some of us aren't the best writers, and some of us are. But the thing that blows my mind the most are the authors who are incredibly talented and yet get no recognition for their work.

I've read plenty of amazing poems, essays, etc, and I will be the only one to leave a decent and well-deserved review for that person! And then there are the really idiotic and pointless pieces I read that have over 20 reviews! This is what I do not understand about Fiction Press.

I'm sure all of us joined into this community thinking that our talents would surely gain respect and fame, yet, to some (or rather the majority) our work barely gains a passing glance. Didn't we join into Fiction Press to have our work recognized? Surely we aren't just writing for our health. We write because we want to show the world what talent we have, what great writers that we are, and how intelligent we can be with our words.

Writing is a skill, and a very difficult skill. It isn't for everyone. It takes a certain kind of mind-set to write. Writing is a tool that we authors use to reach out into other people and to make them think, or to feel a certain way. Each and every one of us has a unique style with writing, but in the end we are all weaving our skills into one common interest: to gain status with other original thinkers like ourselves.

So how do you feel when you spill your soul into your computer and upload your piece of work, and then to only receive nothing in return? It isn't because you are a bad writer...it is because of the way the system works. Fiction Press, to me, is like a casino. A big casino with a lot of people trying to strike it big...but only a few get the jackpot money. I don't think that's fair, but it is our decision to take the risk in the first place.

This brutal rejection can bum a lot of great writers. (I've seen it happen) And sometimes make them not want to write anything else! Which is not a shame for them, but for us, because we've missed out on an incredible reading experience. So what if all of us aren't "Word Smart"? Some of us have problems with our summaries, some of us might have problems getting started...that does not make anyone a bad writer. I'm sure all of us know a person or two who are really bad at writing but get a lot of reviews anyway.

I'm not saying that people with a lot of reviews are bad writers. Some of them deserve all of those reviews and status! (I've read a good few) And others are just incredibly lucky. (I've read some of those too) But in the end, all of us are here to make a name for ourselves and to have some fun, right?

So the next time you want to dismiss a story, poem, essay, song, etc...Don't do it. Read it! Give it a chance! And if it's bad, leave a review saying what the author can do to make it better! Don't flame, that can traumatize a writer!

So...that's me, my opinion. Just a little food for thought for my fellow aspiring writers. Please take in mind what I've written out for you today. Hopefully all of us can win the jackpot one day.

Happy reading and writing, folks!

Your fellow writer,