A/N: Very vague... but, I DON'T CARE. It really was my bday though. *sigh* It sucks.

My Birthday Gift
by battousai24

I gave myself a birthday present
Just now 'coz I'm fifteen
It just turned twelve in my watch
A present for me? What's this mean?

I stared at my present
It came, all plain yet shiny
It was silver, orange and black
I smiled, it was a present for me!

I took it in my hands and gazed
My eyes became teary and my smile began to fade
A grin replaced the joy,
a grin of a sadist, although desire for my own pain

I pushed the little knob on my gift
It was actually old, not new
The blade slid and soon appeared
Then, as if by nature, I started out a few

New lines appeared on my skin
It overlapped the old ones I made
The crimson fluid dripped, I grinned
"It's raining," I said, but it son began to fade

My teary eyes let go
I could hold it back no more
My blood mixed with the tears
As they both dripped on the floor

I smiled weakly as I looked at the wounds,
To fifteen new lines I made
I frowned as I remembered
It's like the fifteen years I've lived