A/N: Finally, I came up with something after 3 or 4 attempts and it's still like crap. Well, at least it's the best of the ones I came up with for this title. I didn't think it would be about this though. I was thinking more of Ennui than Suicide.

by battousai24

Hanging outside, I stare blankly
Just inches off the ground
Just a few feet away from the lake
I struggle, but I chose this

Bound to a promise, I cringe from pain
Just seconds away from the 'heavens'
Just minutes left in my life
I fight it, but I did this

Feeling numbness, eyes are bloodshot
Just a little bit more
Just takes a bit longer
I struggle, but I'm losing

Giving in to the chains that bind me
I just let go of my all
No 'heaven' will take me
I was fighting... but no more