"30 Days Notice"
There's a voice in my pillow,
It's smothering me,
And polishing the thunder,
Of a twice broken heart.

A fantastic voyage through the psyche,
The rise is a digital one,
Never smooth and always turbulent,
And you'll finish where it starts.

A fortress of epic proportions,
Shape-shifting distortions,
Mind-bending contortions,
And the what and have knots.

The airwalk is one-term only,
You'll only need the singularity,
The solidarity of diversity,
And everything in between.

Funny, how it's all circumstance,
How one encounters happenstance,
In this 'explore other's curiosities' dance,
Only fucking yourself when you find out who I am.

And what I once was,
And what I used to have,
And all my needs and wants and what-have-you's,
Were only things to detour you,
From traveling down the road of truth,
A circumvented tollbooth,
A sidestep in humanity,
Everything about me,
Was in this one trip,
How it started with the touch of our lips.

And the name of this ship,
Was Love.
And without 30 days notice,
We traveled with it.