Rebel Unit VVG


A Mech Anime Written By:

Kyle Coleman

Copyright 2003 Kyle Coleman.

Thanks to inspiration from:

Gundam series, Macross series, Big O, Dual!, Escaflowne, Megaman, Gears in Xenogears, Transformers, Voltron, Gigantor, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Armored Core series on Playstation, Zone of Enders on PS2, and EVERY other robot, cyborg, or any giant robot I still do or have admired from comics, anime, and/or video games. Without these this story wouldn't be here or I won't have my room back home littered with action figures and Gundam model kits.

Dedicated to:

My friends from Sumter who we had numerous fights and duels in Gundam Battle Assault 2 and Armored Core: Masters of Arena on Playstation with mechs from our own imagination or piloting mobile suits we've enjoyed seeing in action. This is entirely for you guys. Plus to my many, many friends who offered inspiration or modeling for characters and ideas. The real Evangeline and Chloe, you two know who you are and I thank you both again from my heart.


It is the year 2293; mankind has been forced into hiding thanks to a terrifying alien force called the Techians. Techians are beings that only exist to fight and engage in conflict with their infinite thirst for battle. To do this to the best of their abilities and even more, they specialize in highly advanced technology in the form of giant mobile armors called Units. Techians will go as far as becoming one with their technology to attain absolute victory over their opponents. Keep in mind that not all Techians are alien, as humans can easily have genome therapy to be at the same strength in battle capability as the Techians. To fight this war against the Techians, the United Nations, headed by Supreme Chairman Domo Ishido, created a sole military force to protect the people of Earth, the Global Defense Force (GDF). The GDF's own scientists have studied the Techians' technology and created their own Units, called Virtual Vehicular Guardians, or VVGs, because the virtual interface with between the pilot and the machine for quicker responses. While there are multiple battles going on around the world, oddly the Techians have kept a majority of their forces in North America (Sector 01; more on this in later scenarios on why it is referred as this), especially around the area known as Rose City.

SCENARIO 01 - - - Techian Takedown

Inside an old abandoned boarding house, a meeting takes place...

"So, Mr. Xion Zeros, what on the agenda today?" asks Sylvie Tripper.

Xion stands, smiles, and says, "My fellow Havocs, according to some information from our own recon boys, the military just completed their newest VVG. Our objective is to steal this new VVG for ourselves. I will personally pilot the VVG out of the VVG port. All of your jobs are to cover me while I gain access to the VVG. With the VVG on our side, we can finally get our revenge on the Techians that killed Chelsea 4 years ago. We are the most dangerous rebel group in Rose City to cross. Every single one of the Techians will pay with their lives for stealing away the lives of the ones we love in this horrible war. Are you with me fellow Havocs?"

"Yes, sir!" shout the 20 members of the Havocs, a former gang that recently became a rebel group when Xion Zeros' girlfriend (Chelsea Chaos) was killed by the Techians during one of their heists on one of the Global Defense Force's bases.

(Narration: Sylvie Tripper, 17, is Zeros' second in command in the group who just joined a year before Chelsea' death. She was found half-dead in the site of the one of the Techians' attacks when the Havocs found her. They nursed her back to health, but she is amnesic (remembers nothing) of her past. As for Xion Zeros, 18, his parents were killed by the Techians when he was 15 years of age. They were officers in the GDF at the time and after their demise Xion has been providing for himself by becoming an outlaw in the ruins of Rose City, leading the group he named Havocs, made up of teenagers who are on their own in the world thanks to the Techians just like himself. Maxwell Golding, 18, is the tactical aide and Xion's best friend ever since childhood. Like Xion, his parents were killed in one of the Techians many attacks. ---end narration)

Later that night at Rose City GDF base

"Max, what's the status?" asks Xion.

"Everything's quiet, but there are lots of security because of the supplies that just arrived there. There is an odd thing, though. The GDF has been mobilized. They are readying all of their VVG types: the A's (average), A2's (advanced), and the AA's (armored advanced). There is one more thing. There's not just one new VVG, there are two, Xion," replies Maxwell Golding.

"Well, I guess we just hit jackpot, boys and girl (looking at Sylvie). Sylvie, you and I will pilot those VVGs outta here since we've got the most experience piloting VVGs, thanks to our training (more on this in Scenario 04). Everyone else, steal a couple of VVGs and/or create a distraction while Sylvie and I sneak in," commands Xion as everyone takes their positions.

As Xion helps Sylvie into the ventilation shaft, Xion treats himself to some eye candy (Sylvie's rear) and then radios the other Havocs to commence the operation. Maxwell and two other Havoc members quietly sneak into three GDF VVG-A's just as they are finished being armed while the remaining members stake out on the nearby hill.

"Time to rock and roll," laughs Maxwell as he activates the VVG.

"Stop them! We need those VVGs back!" shouts one of the nearby GDF officers.

Suddenly, the alarm sounds in the base, informing all personnel of intruders.

"Xion, did you get caught?" radios Maxwell.

"No, I was about to ask you guys the same question," replies Xion.

A message rings over the PA system, "Attention! Attention! All VVG pilots engage the Techians that are approaching! I, repeat, we are under Techian attack! Mobilize VVG units immediately!"

"This may make this even easier, Sylvie," comments Xion as they climb out of the ventilation shaft into the vacant VVG port, where the 2 new VVGs stand armed and ready to go into battle, unguarded.

"Stop right there, Xion Zeros. I knew you would come here for the VVG -55 and VVG-37. I want to tell you something about the VVG-55. It is a special VVG that no person can use because of its special function, the Dynamo System? No one knows what this function does. The scientists who created this VVG weren't even sure because they didn't get a chance to test it, but they said to give to you, Xion Zeros. Those scientists were your parents. They said that you are the only person who can use this VVG effectively. Xion, the VVG-55 is yours now," says the young female officer.

"What about the other one, Miss?" asks Sylvie.

"Ah, the VVG-37, it's a sister VVG to the VVG-55, as the scientists here used it as a blueprint. Take it, Sylvie Tripper. Xion needs your help and call me Commander Selena Strike," she replies.

When Xion gets into the VVG-55's cockpit, he looks around and says, "No buttons or switches just as I guessed, virtual interface with the VVG for quicker reaction time and reflexes." He closes the cockpit hatch, thus starting the interface process.

Several virtual windows appear, including one that states, "Welcome, Xion Zeros. Your DNA has been scanned. You are the registered pilot of the VVG-55, codename: Nightmare Zero. Please read the owner manual later for more information on this VVG. Now commencing activation of the VVG... Please note that for weapon data, check the V-window on the right."

The Nightmare Zero stands up and begins to walk out of the VVG port. It stops, turns, and Xion speaks to Commander Strike, "I'm still not too fond of the GDF because I think you guys could've saved my parents, but I hate those Techians even more. I'll use this VVG to get my revenge and save this base. C'mon, Sylvie, let's go."

"I'm coming. It's just that Elegance 12 here is kinda harder to control than most VVGs we've piloted," replies Sylvie.

"Hey, guys! How about we use these VVGs to give the GDF a hand against the Techians?" asks Maxwell. The other Havocs agree and they all head to the battlefield, to catch a glimpse a horrible sight. Numerous GDF VVGs destroyed along with squashed GDF officers and the remaining Havocs who tried to flee the battle started. The leader of the Techians' attack force is the pilot of Techian Unit VVG-42 codename: Bad Luck, Jack Diablos, laughing manically while slashing through multiple VVG-As with his bizarre beam chain-kunai.

"Pathetic humans, you don't stand a chance against the Techians' awesome power! Ha! Ha! Ha! Show me a mere human who can beat the Techians!" laughs Diablos.

"Here's three!" shout Max as he and his two comrades fire their gatling rifles at Bad Luck and his assisting Techians in their Terror Type Units, codename: Grunts. Their shots take down 4 of the assisting Grunts, but barely phase Bad Luck.

You'll pay for that with your lives!!" shouts Diablos as he pilots his Unit towards Max and his comrades.

Bad Luck then draws his beam kunai and slashes through Max's comrades with ease. They were the appetizers and you're gonna be the main course, kid!" laughs Diablos.

"Murderer, you killed them! They were just kids! They didn't deserve that," shouts Max.

Bad Luck twirls his beam kunai and Diablos says, "Boy, this is the harsh reality of war that all humans are destined to face, even children. You are never too young or too old to die. We are all destined to become the prey of someone that will lead to our fateful end, but today, I'll take the role of the Grim Reaper and show you your fate…death at the hands of a Techian."

"Like hell he will," says Sylvie as she watches the Nightmare Zero (or N-Zero for short) punch Bad Luck to the ground.

"The Earth doesn't need to be polluted by the flirt called Techians! Those pilots you slaughtered were my friends and they will be avenged by hands. By the end of this day, I will have extinguished the flame of your soul," says Xion Zeros. One of the V-windows pops up while Xion and Diablos' VVGs exchange blows, called "Weapon systems". Xion skims through the options and comes across the two main weapons for the Nightmare Zero: twin gatling cannons and twin beam blades.

"Xion, I think I'm finally used to Elegance 12 now. Do you need any assistance?" asks Sylvie as her VVG arms its main weapon, the heavy "buster blade", a huge, energized broadsword. Elegance 12 lifts the weapon with ease and destroys the Grunts around Max's VVG.

"Nah, Sylvie, I'm okay. I'm about to show this guy what the Havocs are all about," says Xion Zeros as Nightmare Zero arms its twin beam blades.

"I admit that I haven't seen any human take down that many Units in a single strike. Those aren't the average VVGs are they? Your VVG and hers are GDF's newest toys, am I correct? So, I'll have the pleasure of taking them down first. C'mon show me your skills, boy!" laughs Diablos as his VVG twirls its beam kunai even faster.

Sparks fly as the N-Zero's and the Bad Luck's beam weapons clash against each other until the N-Zero cuts off Bad Luck's arms off. "I hate you! But how!? How can be kid beat one of the Techian top commanders! Boy, I'm not done with you yet! I still have a treat for you and all your friends, the ultimate power of my Unit, my special function! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" laughs Diablos, as Bad Luck opens multiple missile mortars on its frame—including on its shoulders, chest, and legs (Special Function: Hidden Arsenal - - Missile Barrage).

"Hmm…how to defend against that!? If I don't do somethin' I'm gonna be really fucked up!!" thinks Xion Zeros out loud, "Ah, I know!"

"TOO LATE!! You're finished, kid!" laughs Diablos as Bad Luck fires off an almost endless amount of missiles at the N-Zero.

"Xion!! WATCH OUT!!" shout Sylvie and Max as Sylvie's VVG helps his to its feet.

Suddenly, there's a huge explosion as the missiles impact, but to everyone surprise, the N-Zero dashed out of the smoke and flame, verniers (another word for booster engines) blazing, toward the speechless and shocked Bad Luck.

It grasps Bad Luck around the neck and lifts it into the air and the N-Zero arms one of its gatling cannons. "Look who's finished now!" laughed Xion as his VVG fires ferociously through Bad Luck's already damaged frame.

"You failed miserably, Diablos. You're shamed us today, but you will be avenged. My name is Q, humans. Remember it as I'll be the one who'll end your pathetic lives," said the pilot of the VVG that just landed on the battlefield. Q's VVG picks up Diablos' remains and leads the remaining Techians to retreat into the night's fog, which covers their escape.

"Are all of you okay?" asks Commander Strike as the radios to all the VVG pilots. "Commander Strike, we've got 1313 officers dead or injured. That's over half of our crew, ma'am. We've been really hit hard. Plus Q has shown up again," reports one of the surviving officers. "(Sighs) Q…why are doing this to me? Well, at least we made it through that. All pilots, including the pilots of the stolen VVG, VVG-55, and VVG-37, as well, for I can thank you all in person," informs Commander Strike. "Roger that", says Xion as he turns to help Sylvie's VVG carry Max's damaged VVG to the port."

(- -End of SCENARIO 01 - - )