New Remembrance to Bliss

I'm unraveling before your eyes,

And you don't care.

You just hold me,

Listening to my brutal insanity,

Saying nothing.

You saw me with the knife,

Ready to bring down vengeance to anyone...

Including myself.

And you stopped it,

Bringing me to this place,

Away from the ugly ones,

Who glare down at me,

But don't even try to know who I am,

What I think...

Why am I in pieces?

And why are you trying to put me back together?

Why are you even listening to me?

I'm nothing, naught, empty,

But you look at me,

As if I'm something real...

I am an incorporeal figure,

Devastating memories fill me to the brim.

Are you going to be the first good memory?

Or will you turn into an ugly one,

Conceded and cold,

Trying to make me disappear?

Why are you still searching?

There's only blankness to see,

Unless you search for evil embedded memories,

The ones deep inside,

Attached like parasites,

Not of want to let go.

Yet, you seem to break flesh,

Racking the memories out of me.

Are you just trying to make my mind bleed?

No, you answer the unvoiced question,

Then... what?

I look into you deeper,

And see my pain mirrored in your eyes...

But then realize it does not belong to me,

You hold that pain I envision.

I feel I know you,

But I don't,

Yet something is presenting painful contradictory.

I realize you know the answers I have longed for,

I see them,

Bitterly, poorly-concealed in your eyes...

Who am I?

You used to be mine; your answer is cracked, broken, acidic.

How...? I ask,

Balling my hands into fists,

Warm blood running out,

Though I feel cold and deadened.

Your past left your recognition,

You held on to the harsh memories,

When your hope died...

You fell out,


You run your hand down my cheek,

And I shiver from ugly remembrance...

And your touch.

Subsequently, I begin screaming out,

All of my antagonism and grief,

Tears falling with every resounding shriek.

And finally they end,

And I am hoarse with yelling and agony.

Why...? I ask, dazed,

The hardest thing on this earth is to live in it...

You whisper, eyes glazed with pain, bitterness, and bleeding toughts.

Are you going to stay? I ask pitifully.

Yes, you answer in drained numbness,

So we sit,

In dead silence,

As the sun sets,

Darkness swallowing us,

We have left the realm of sensation long ago,

Now it is to be completed.

Are you slipping with me? I whisper my final question in rapture,

I will be with you forever, love, you answer bringing my final feeling back,

You brush me cheek with your lips,

As the lovely blue darkness,

Fades to beautiful blackness.

Rain falls.

We have glided away,

And we watch the rain drench our still, frozen bodies.

Bliss surrounds us,

As we meet our magnificent destination.

And our bodies stay in the rain,

Unknown by all else.

We overlook our corpses,

Still holding each other.

Our final moment,

A single touch,

Before the lightening.