am I normal? do I fall in that category?
I do want to feel like I belong,
important, maybe even revolutionary.
I am so insecure, like the typical girl,
with hazel eyes and a wobbly smile,
with stagefright and a love for music.
yes, I could be just another girl,
any girl that you meet.
but.. what if I'm wrong?
what if I"m unique?
does everyone love people,
but love to be alone?
does everyone think eyes
are connected to the soul?
does everyone love freedom
but is also happy to be caged in?
does everyone find themselves dreaming,
more in the day than the night?
does everyone talk so much in letters, emails,
but find themselves lacking in words
when they talk in person?
does everyone find themselves loving fantasies,
because that's all they are,
because they'll never come true?
does everyone wish for something
only to have their friend snatch it,
right out from under their nose?
does everyone try their hardest
but still get beat?
does everyone remember their childhood
but can't remember what they had for breakfast?
does everyone wish things were
as simple as they used to be?
does everyone love the stars,
and how they sparkle,
so much that they ignore the haunting moon?
or am I just weird like that?
that I like holding hands, laughing,
twirling in the rain, dancing, singing.
or was I right the first time?
am I just like everyone else?
I don't know the answer,
but I have another question--
what is normal?