I have pictures of you on my wall
I watch you silently as you sit
Each day my obsession grows
You're all I think about
I worship the ground you walk on
From the moment I saw you
I knew we were meant to be
My life is dedicated to you
You're my reason to live
But when I tell you my feelings
You shoot me down
I see you with someone else
I feel anger stirring inside me
At night I sneak into your room
I watch your sleeping form
You wake up suddenly
I cover you mouth
Stifle your screams
I whisper to you
"How dare you deny me
I'd give my life for you
And you push me aside"
I see fear in your eyes
You tears cover my hands
I tell you that
If I can't have you
No one will
As I write this now
I know you're dead
And I think it's my fault
But I still love you
You called me obsessed, crazy
Maybe I was
But I got my revenge