A/N.This poem is very special to me. My mother wrote it when she was young,
and I just added to it. The title, Goodbye Madison, is where I got my
screen name.

Goodbye Madison
It'll be a while
I won't forget your face
Or your lovely smile

Don't laugh at me
When I say this
But your eyes, I think
Are what most I will miss

But don't you dare think
I won't miss our talks
About nothing at all
And our evening walks

Even your witty remarks
That I say I hate
Will come to be missed
As the nights grow late

We've been friends
What seems like forever
I know you so well
But I think you know me better

We've never been apart
For so long a time
I don't know what to do
Without my partner in crime

The night you left
You said you loved me true
Told me to be happy
But my happiness lies with you

You told me to remember
How could I forget?
Said to live my life
And have nothing to regret

You've set on a journey
From which you won't return
But I'll still wait for you
And my heart will bur

It hurt me bad, Madison
Only then I knew
From your words I realized
How much I loved you, too

It's a shame, I think
As I watch the dawn
That it's too late
You're already gone

I would've loved you
Deeper than the ocean
More wholly than anyone
And with more devotion

They are coming now
I hope I can be brave
As your friends and family
Gather round your grave

Goodbye Madison
I'll think of you every day
And to see you soon
Every night I will pray