I feel sorry for doors sometimes.
Especially at my house.
Always getting slammed,
And kicked.
Things being thrown at them,
Or ripped out of the door frame altogether.
What has a door ever done to anyone?

People even use doors for insults,
"Don't let the door hit you on your way out."
I mean really people,
It's not the doors fault.
But sure just blame it on the door.
It's so much easier than taking responsibility for yourself.

I like doors.
They can be used for many things.
They can keep bad people out,
Or let good people in.
Doors can keep your shelter warm in the winter,
Or keep it cool in the summer.
There are even some good sayings about doors,
"You've opened the door to my heart."

We all should appreciate doors more.
They do so much and yet,
They ask for nothing in return.
So go out there right now,
And thanks all your doors.
They deserve it.