by: [email protected]

I'm lying on my bed

Cold, alone, afraid

I reach out my hand

But no one was there

He isn't coming…

Not for me…

Not ever…

Not in a million years…

He doesn't love me…

If he did, I…

I wouldn't be here

In this dark and empty place

That is my heart


If he HAD loved me –

Even just a little –

I wouldn't be like this!

I sigh sadly…

Then my lips quiver

As big fat tears

Roll down my cheeks

I'm crying not because

I'm cold or afraid

No, that's not it…

I'm crying 'cause I'm HURT

I curl into a ball

And shut the world out

Determined to be indifferent,

Trying to be aloof…

I feel a hand on my shoulder;

I decide to look up

Then I gasp at the sight

That stands before me

A handsome angel is smiling

And looking down at me

Offering me his hand

"Come away with me."

I shake my head

In utter disbelief

As I bury my head

In my arms once again

He chuckles softly

Like wind chimes, I thought

He cups my face with his hands

And tips it up slightly

I reluctantly open my eyes

And was shocked to see

His ice blue eyes – so unique

"I've come for you," he said to me

I choke back a sob

While he stroked my cheek

"It's okay," he told me

As he gently kissed my forehead

I felt his arms

Go all around my body;

Making me feel safe,

Loved…wanted even…

I take his hand tenderly

And hold it to my chest

As I felt myself start to ascend

"Goodbye…" I whisper brokenly