"You! Don't move!," yelled the over weight security guard,"Drop it, now!" An almost antique of a revolver was pointed at Tristen's head by the shaking security guard. Grinning to himself, Tristen quickly spun around taking the gun away from the guard without any warning.

"Now, now," Tristen said with an evil grin, "no need to be rude." With a swift swing of his arm, Tristen knocked the guard out with a blow to the back of his head. Sliding the guard into a corner out of view, Tristen continued towards his goal. The building he was sneaking into was a highly important government building. Oddly enough, it was poorly guarded.

Reaching the door marked with the numbers 218, Tristen quickly entered the access codes he had stolen earlier. As the door swung open, his eyes met a horrible sight and soon after his nose met the smell that came with it. Covering his mouth and nose to push back the smell, Tristen looked over the carnage in the room.

Bodies lay all along the room, blood covered everything, Tristen slowly entered the room. "What the hell happened to these poor people?" Tristen asked himself. Pushing past them he made his way to the back of the room. On the wall set a giant painting of a ballet dancer drapped in sunlight. Splashes of blood ran down the painting giving it an almost gothic look.

Grabbing the side of the painting, Tristen swung threw it from the wall. Landing in the tangled mass of bodies, the painting quickly came to a still. With the painting removed the wall now held a safe's door. "There you are," Tristen said with an almost lustful tone, "Now how are we going to get your open?"

Inspecting the safe's lock Tristen began to realize this was going to be easier then he thought it was going to be. Whoever had put this here did it a very long time ago and obveriously didn't think anyone realized it was here. Some of the numbers were begining to wear on the dial which showed it was opened often. There was no sign of a pattern to the fading, which means the combination was changed often enough to keep from showing the real one.

Putting his ear onto the cold steal, Tristen spun the dial clearing to start the combantion. Slowly turning it, Tristen's ears strained hard. Click. There is the first one. Spinning it the other direction slightly more rapidly now. Click. There was the second one. Just one more click and he should be home free. Switching direction one more time the safe would be open in no time.

Tristen heard a final click, but this click did not come from the safe. This click came from the doorway to the room. Driving away from the safe, Tristen rolled to look towards the door. As he feel he saw what had producted the click. Sound of a shot gun discharging rang in Tristen's ears.

Rolling accross the floor, Tristen saught refuge behind the desk in the office. Peaking over top of it he quickly ducked down again at the sight of the shot gun pointed at his head. Again the sound of a shot gun rattled the walls. This time Tristen saw where the shot hit, and it left a dozen holes the size of quartes in the wall behind Tristen.

This was his chance. Shot guns could only shoot twice before needing reloaded, but he did not know if this attacker carried anymore weapons. The snapping sound as the gun released told Tristen all he needed to know. Flying over the desk, Tristen snatched an envelope opener he had spotted the last time he ventered out from behind the desk.

Grasping it in his hands, Tristen lunged toward his attacker. Stabbing the sharp end of the opener straight into the attacker's neck, Tristen twisted and sliced as much as he could on the way into the neck. Blood flooded out of the wound, covering Tristen's hand within seconds. Pulling away, the attacker did all he could to escape from this unexpected counterattack. Quickly though the attacker collasped into his open pool of blood. Unconscience from blood lose, and soon to be dead.

Looking down upon his attacker, Tristen shook his head and began to whip of his now blood soaked hands. To many times had he seen this same kind scene of play over in his nightmares. Nightmares of death all around him, and never being able to let your guard down, not even for a moment. These were the visions he faced every night, and now they were flowing over into the day. Tristen held back his rage at such a realization.

Turning back to the safe to Tristen's surprise he found it already open. Walking over to it he found that he had found the correct combantion before the shots had hit the door and the force from the shots send the door flying open. Inside the safe was what Tristen had been after this whole time. Pulling out the papers, his eyes scanned the lettering on the top page. "LIFE", top secret, he read. Sliding away from the room silently, Tristen dissappeared back where he came from like his well learned training had taught him.