Am I Jesus?
This suffering makes me weep
I must now be in far too deep
Screaming couples make me sad
Homeless children are not bad
And yet you judge them, make them wrong
This Via Dolorosa is far too long
I may collapse, this weight bears down
I cannot find the strength to frown
I am dying
Can you find my soul?
It is no longer black as coal
It bleeds when I see this hell
You long to hear your own death knell
Dear God
What weight these seventeen years
Can bear, my pity and my fear
I am too much for my mind to take
I am only alive when I'm not awake
Peter Barnes and Gunter Grass
Purge me, give me my hipflask
It seems to dull this sympathy
This gnawing pain that batters me
I'm living so that I may write
I cannot stop, give up the fight
I owe this world some recompense
I need some wine and some incense
For telling lies
If I am Christ
There's still so much to be done