You clip my wings so tightly, how can I escape? You UNDERRATE my agony: no escaping agony. I'd love to be alone, but it would take me apart not to die a little every time you gnaw at my poor self-respect. And dignity. And sanity. And KILLING ME is something she does well; and never ever die because I love you. I have to write these words because it hurts to keep these thoughts inside, they are NOT MINE. Give me your last breath, I'll use it better than you, you concubine to your OWN EGO; SLAVE to an IMAGE you have outgrown. You never had the chance, the courage to leave yourself behind. I need some destiny before I find the time to break. You will destroy yourself if I am anything UNLESS your pleas are false, DEAR GOD DEAR GOD Please hold me in the fire, I want these tears to take me to the limit: what's your question? Ask me who I am I CANNOT TELL YOU! ANYTHING useless, sedated: let me lie, please cleanse me with my own tears, emptied by my sanity: what is left except the enemy? Do not eat, do not sleep. The light is too cruel, hide away: you'd get the picture soon enough and you'd never smile again. Like me. I cannot find a reason to smile, stop the heartbeat, total silence, take a minute. Recollect. Re-infect your shattered conscience, don't promise me a thing. I don't want pity: sympathise or die, that's something I must do, if I can't then I have ended. Write my requiem with pride, nothing helps me find my pride. I am not a dog, I am not a living creature. Kind emotions, cruelty dulls the guilt. FIND A NEW REALITY to tranquillise these doubts.