There's a fire in my head
I'm colour-blind except to red
Picture of the gallows on my hand
Melted in to help me understand
You need someone to validate me
Step over here, sir, you'll see
That like for like match that you made
We left ourselves bloodied and dismayed
Concepts for the state you killed
Drink my bile until you've had your fill
Convalescing sexual pride
I'm too bitter to deign to take sides
Van Gogh and Vettriano still get it right
You realise we're hopeless but we still have to fight
All we have is now, I can tell
Let them take us apart, we will meet in hell
You promised me that I would die
I ask you now: why did you lie
The day we lay in the embrace of Joy Division
And The Coral
Was the day
I blissfully died