We applaud your deformity
Living, breathing conformity
Breaking myself not to hurt your soul
I don't know why, but I don't feel whole
I like to touch and then to feel
You make me twitch and make me squeal
I am crippled, I am lame
I think that I, too, am vain
You sicken me, second-person work
Makes me feel like such a jerk
But I long to live, for you to leave
Don't think about giving me time to breathe
Bandages around my mind
To hold in blood that I can't find
You hypnotise, lobotomise
And realise, I'm in disguise
The Smiths sang of shyness
I sing of violence
Vitriolic shame
We have the same
Take on humanity
Your skeleton key
Makes no bones to me
Because I'm going: Can't you see?