Oh if you dare say it's just infatuation
That's an accusation
That doesn't sit well with me
Oh, can you ever see
That I floundered when you betrayed me
I must voice my concerns (Do you understand?)
And I seem like a hopeless case
Yes it's true, but I'd deface
A gravestone in an old church yard
To spend a minute with her
Don't accuse: you said the same to me
You're an observer of sorts, I know
I promise never to let her go.
And when you weep, my friend
It's true that it seems like your end
Is close but it isn't at all
Although you never got closer
And you never seemed glad
Don't threaten suicide
It's an intention we all had.
Oh, the pillow on your face
May well seem like a loving embrace
But you only love you ever knew
You found in others more fortunate
If fortunate is the word
Oh you lied to make me think you were great
But now, my friend, the only thing to do is wait
For something you're not sure that you want