Finish me please
I feel like a disease
With this sense of failure
All I need's a saviour
And she's mine
She loves me and I cannot decline
Her heart
I gave her mine right at the start
But these days I'm so lonely I'm paralysed
Where is that strength that I once realised
I could earn?
I do not want your concern
Not that you gave it
You didn't try to understand it
You walked by
And if I had tried to catch your eye
You would have stared at me
You think that you can see
The human condition
I fell asleep and had a premonition
That I loved you, and my true love too
And all was well until I woke
And saw my face and wished it were broke
And the hands that held you both in my dream
I spat on them, they were obscene
The legs that wrapped around you both
Appeared to be disfigured, gross
In the things that they had done
Because I believe, number one
In love, and music, art, no more
But in my dream I'd been a whore
Obsessed with sex, and pleasure, how
Could I have restrained my urge for leisure
Of a brutish, carnal, animal kind
I wonder how, and then I find
That I am a man of love and pain
Casual sex is too much of a strain
But when I feel the urge arise
I break myself open, pray for my demise.
Love is all. Help me believe.