You sicken me with your bigoted stance
Your lack of morality is the last dance
You'd never appreciate these cities
The world to you is always witty
And you're glad
Because you're making me mad
You think you're Christ
I'll throw the dice
Of Fate
You took food from my plate
When I was starving in the famine
And then I started planning
Your doom
In my hands, in my room
I slew you
Time and time again
Because you are too vain
I know you are my nemesis
It's come to this
From hell and heaven they brought you here
To wreck revenge and spread the fear
I know I'll break your unjust grace
I'll fight to fight you, face to face
And in my anger, frenzy full
I'll resist the irresistible pull
Of your non existent charm
The crowded cities, lonely farms
They dot the countryside inside my head
I think I want to end up dead
Rather than join your force
You'll win of course
But I don't mind
I'll one day find
My faith
And then, just like a wraith
I'll fly and claw
Your fascist laws
From your heart
I wish I could rip you apart
Because you threaten my friend
Because you denote the end
Of humanity
Surely even you can see
You're dumb
You think you're hard because you drink rum
Because you play sports,
In bloodied gym shorts
And imagine what it would be like
To rape
I hate your mind
And I will find
A way to beat you, macho man
A way to make you understand
How much I hate you
And I'll slay you
With the sword of truth
Under a roof
Of thatch
I'll burn the house down with a match
So I can perish in my moment of joy
The day all these tricks, subtle social ploys
All failed
And my simple hate prevailed
And when the weak have beat the strong
The unjust rulers, all night long
Will die
As I cut you eye to eye
And rip your fascist flesh to bits
Even my hellhole will seem like the Ritz
When your foolish beliefs are gone
Come, let us all sing a song
About how I beat sin with sin
Just as now where I stand and grin
Over your