Fucking prick
There'll be the wick
Of a chlorine candle
Reserved for you
I'll think of you
When I think of cutting
My flesh
I used to like wire mesh
Back then and still the same
I'll play the game
And never challenge your might
Self-righteous right
I'll enjoy sinking into infamy
To curse you may be blasphemy
But I still won't obey your strength
The immeasurable length
Of my contempt for you
Is total, and I'll still be true
To my bitter hate in a thousand years
Cherishing these hopes and fears
Dead in the grassy steppe of my thoughts
I'll die in the mud, not before I've fought
And I'll slash your rotund face with care
You think I won't, but I may dare
To hurt you because I think you're a fool
Even in the heat of day you're so cool
In your head
I'd sooner lie stone cold dead
Than support you
And although my heart is true
To my beliefs
You have none
You side
In pride
With your foolish