I'm feeling like urea
Spilling out my fear
All I want to do
Is damage you…
I don't know what I'm saying
There's no point in praying
All I have to do
Is overcome you…
I never felt like dying
Feels just like you're prying
All I need to do
Is ruin you…

And everything is reeling
Feels like it should be kneeling
Before your throne
I'd much rather spend my time alone
But all I ever tried
Is what I could never hide
Because you make me hurt
You try to grind me down to dirt
Why do you outdo me
Everything I can be
Is a lot more than you ever were…

You fuck me til I bleed
And still I cannot see
The pain you elevate deep down in my heart

You hypnotise desires
Throw me in the fire
Of my emotionally retarded shame

The hurt you cause inside
Would matter if I had pride
But I can always use it against you

I only have a dream
Try not to be obscene
And yet you still keep bludgeoning me

I'm only worth your anger
Shadows in the hangar
Where your private jet runs me down again

I think you understand
The way you shake my hand
Makes me want to vomit out my spleen

The way I jack you off
Makes me want to scoff
At my lack of real morality

I don't know why you matter
There's that pitter-patter
Of the rain that smashes your windscreen

And yet you seem so caring
I don't mind if you're staring
All I can do is masturbate and sleep

Oh, if you think you know it
I'll demonstrate bit by bit
The reason you should do yourself some harm

Unless you can understand
I don't want your hand
As a gesture of a friendship I despise

And I'm a black-clad slave
You break a promise and rave
About my lack of responsibility

My opinions don't mean
That you're part of my scene
It just makes me far too sick to care

You're behind my back
Like a heart attack
I never want to imitate your smile

You fancy your chances
Disgusting advances
The brutality stuns me like the sea

You're an ignorant fool
Why ever are you at school?
What's the matter, is it insecurity?

I want to wring your neck
Show you I am a wreck
If I could I'd put a crowbar through your head

Won't you familiarise
There's fire in my eyes
Your self-righteousness makes me want to weep

I seem to acquiesce
Just because I'm a mess
All I want is a floor to lie upon

The pain of knowing why
Is far too much to die
And yet the only way to win is just go to sleep

Fuck me: it's all I'm good for.