haunted by a future i can never live
my dreams tell nothing but lies
disturbing images of this hell
they're too blind to see
and he won't listen to the truth
i wouldn't share, it wouldn't be fair
this story has no beginning
there will be no end
no pain to prove our existance
this cold obsession we grasp
a thousand shades of grey
that cling to our souls like despair
in the night we call out to them
to save what is left of what we once were
emotions we are missing
we sold them to ease the longing
to try and stratch the itch that we have gotten so used to
riddles make more sense yet none at all
our current state is confused
make no mistake we're human
while human is the only thing we're not
lie there with your demons
try and pull the wings off your angels
we strive for freedom we strive for peace
war is pointless and unkind
inner war is fun we love the hate
sheltered from hate though we sense it in the air
catch the sent of death and feel at rest
he wanted to be hero
she wanted to be a star
none of our dreams will come true
so we make our nightmares last
crazed and falling we still hold hands in public
as if we were and had always been average
normal days in a normal life is normally nothing i'd want
I'd do anything to alter my conciousness
attention seeker who hates crowds and fears attention
i used to hear her crying at night, in the darkness
'freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose'
we hold on to what we can be it good or bad
sometimes we regret all the things we never did or said
don't let me fade away